Focusing on
Giving special attention
Studying death
Focusing on sex
Emphasizing profit
Focusing on corpses
Serving rural women
Satisfying customers
Emphasizing activity
Emphasizing analysis
Focusing on modernism
Focusing on wholeness
Offering medical cures
Motivating cooperation
Improving urban health
Improving urban health
Emphasizing development
Re-emphasizing religion
Focusing resident unity
Focusing on adversaries
Developing social skills
Reinforcing rural culture
Focusing student attention
Focusing on media channels
Giving attention to elders
Focusing on depth problems
Focusing on depth problems
Organizing community space
Focusing on the urban poor
Assisting victims of crimes
Taking care of war veterans
Focusing on increasing size
Focusing on family survival
Focusing on personal skills
Maintaining global security
Counselling deserted children
Focusing on obsolete problems
Focusing on accelerating time
Focusing on isolated problems
Focusing on excess bodily fat
Emphasizing individual rights
Giving attention to relations
Emphasizing skills proficiency
Focusing needed service groups
Focusing on community problems
Emphasizing academic education
Emphasizing prestige technology
Emphasizing founding traditions
Focusing intellectual curiosity
Focusing organizational thrusts
Focusing on security structures
Focusing on personal priorities
Focusing on short-term problems
Emphasizing management practice
Giving attention to war victims
Honouring wisdom of the elderly
Focusing on historical symbolism
Emphasizing economic development
Emphasizing technological skills
Giving attention to rural health
Emphasizing theories in education
Giving attention to expert advice
Reporting negligence by government
Giving attention to social neglect
Emphasizing economic administration
Giving attention to personal health
Focusing particular current concerns
Focusing adequate programme outreach
Developing coastal resource planning
Focusing on traditional technologies
Focusing local application endeavours
Focusing on rural populations
Assessing role of women in consumption
Giving attention to native populations
Giving attention to public authorities
Expanding access of women to education
Focusing attention on living out belief
Emphasizing rapid returns on investment
Emphasizing immediate superficial needs
Giving attention to qualitative factors
Encouraging national self-determination
Intensifying use of industrial equipment
Emphasizing economic progress in society
Focusing on fundamental systemic problems
Giving attention to sexual health of women
Giving attention to adolescent health care
Giving attention to comprehensive education
Focusing on reciprocity in trading relations
Giving attention to neglected food resources
Giving attention to socially-relevant research
Giving attention to neglected health practices
Giving attention to agricultural and rural life
Involving women in local development programmes
Emphasizing effective use of technical resources
Giving attention to natural resource product expansion
Giving attention to planning of second language policy
Expanding trading opportunities for developing countries
Developing profitable scope of rural industrial operations
Emphasizing self-sufficiency with respect to interdependence
Giving attention to non-western structures in international NGOs
Giving special attention to informing women on demographic impacts
Emphasizing national capacity building for sustainable development
Focusing on links between primary health care and environmental programmes
Emphasizing waste prevention and minimization in waste management programmes
Recognizing role of intergovernmental organizations in implementing Agenda 21
Focusing on programmes serving multiple demographic and sustainable development goals
Emphasizing role of regional and sub-regional organizations on drought and desertification
Giving attention
Maintaining practical focus
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A: Abstract fundamental strategies