human value


Other Names:
Promoting women's public health issues
Expanding trading opportunities for developing countries
Researching ethnic issues
Assessing role of women in consumption
Giving special attention to informing women on demographic impacts
Serving rural women
Organizing community space
Attracting key official attention
Enabling optimum individual attention
Offering competent in-home attention
Encouraging improved personal hygiene
Combating drought
Providing regular medical attention
Motivating cooperation
Focusing attention on living out belief
Honouring wisdom of the elderly
Involving women in local development programmes
Giving attention to social neglect
Giving attention to relations
Giving attention to rural health
Giving attention to neglected food resources
Giving attention to expert advice
Giving attention to elders
Giving attention to neglected health practices
Giving attention to personal health
Focusing on rural populations
Giving attention to public authorities
Giving attention to native populations
Giving attention to qualitative factors
Giving attention to comprehensive education
Giving attention to adolescent health care
Giving attention to sexual health of women
Giving attention to socially-relevant research
Giving attention to war victims
Giving attention to maintenance of local infrastructure
Giving attention to planning of second language policy
Giving attention to natural resource product expansion
Giving attention to international nongovernmental organization network
Giving attention to human resource development in transition economies
Reporting negligence by government
Updating problems
Requiring concern for atrocities
Giving attention
Reinforcing rural culture
Developing coastal resource planning
Focusing student attention
Taking care of war veterans
Assisting victims of crimes
Coping with attention deficit
Denying animals of the right to the attention, care and protection of humankind
Using attention
Counselling deserted children
Ensuring equal parental attention
Improving ability to concentrate
Paying attention
Developing social skills
Preserving inequality of attention to women's health issues
Renewing urban environment
Improving drought relief measures
Doing without adequate water for agriculture
Abstaining from drought mitigation
Limiting individual attention span
Learning with particular attention
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values