Through improved means of communication, travel and an increase in the flow and exchange of ideas, goods and capital, interconnecting all parts that comprise the whole of life on Earth and the identification with underlying fundamental commonalities, notwithstanding obvious diversity in culture, behaviour and lifestyles.

While globalisation is not an exclusively economic phenomenon, it is generally understood as the increasing interconnection and interdependence of economic activity throughout the world, largely driven by the technological, communications and information revolutions and by the increased mobility of capital.

1. The sheer scale and speed of capital and information flows across the globe, and the degree of economic interdependence between nations, are quite without precedent.
Forming transnational economy
Globalizing work
Globalizing peace
Globalizing loans
Taking global action
Globalizing change
Globalizing labour
Developing internet
Globalizing poverty
Globalizing studies
Globalizing problems
Expanding world trade
Globalizing awareness
Globalizing knowledge
Globalizing resources
Globalizing networking
Globalizing television
Globalizing television
Globalizing cooperation
Observing global oceans
Globalizing conservation
Globalizing food sourcing
Globalizing entertainment
Globalizing health action
Globalizing communication
Advocating global security
Globalizing interior space
Globalizing investigations
Forecasting global weather
Internationalizing anarchy
Globalizing health policies
Enhancing global interdependence
Globalizing risk assessment
Unifying global legislation
Globalizing information flow
Globalizing judicial process
Globalizing responsibilities
Assuring safe blood supplies
Globalizing media programming
Producing planetary synthesis
Globalizing trade negotiations
Internationalizing global space
Globalizing therapeutic movements
Globalizing equitable investments
Globalizing bureaucratic policies
Internationalizing global tourism
Globalizing development strategies
Globalizing environmental concerns
Globalizing transportation policies
Globalizing environmental protection
Globalizing citizen lobbying network
Creating global-local consensual care
Participating in planetary citizenship
Developing universal teaching methods
Globalizing institutional arrangements
Globalizing telecommunications network
Internationalizing intentional society
Increasing international labour mobility
Analyzing globalizing energy developments
Establishing global governmental responsibility
Creating global alliance for environmental sustainability
Integrating global society
Deploying community leaders abroad
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Promoting internationalism
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions