Globalizing media programming

Acting to provide, evoke, and vocalize those images which would link individuals with every other man on the globe. The effect is that every man across the globe would have beamed at him common images out of which to operate.
An integral part of expressing universal images, to build an authentic new image of humanness involving elders' wisdom, adults' power and youths' vision.
Tactics include: systematic accessibility to make available the resources of the world-wide communication network to all the people; creative methods to enable all people to express themselves for the purpose of contributing artistic material to mass media; recontextualized artist/communicators to develop a new breed of media personalities, from painters to newsmen, who would be open to other cultures; needs analysis to provide methods for discovering gaps in global media; and multi-cultural content to develop local resources and services by expanding the transcultural gifts. An example of this is a television station which uses other cultures as subject matter whereby people have a common operating image of other cultures.
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
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