Using knowledge
Expanding trade
Expanding vision
Improving access
Expanding network
Expanding tourism
Increasing income
Expanding time span
Expanding attitudes
Expanding interests
Expanding influence
Expanding businesses
Expanding leadership
Expanding settlements
Expanding mutual trade
Expanding corporations
Deepening adult values
Expanding social roles
Expanding local images
Expanding self-concept
Expanding world economy
Improving participation
Expanding understandings
Expanding land ownership
Expanding news awareness
Expanding human knowledge
Expanding political views
Expanding economic images
Expanding dietary sources
Expanding consumer choice
Expanding limits to growth
Expanding social relations
Expanding watering systems
Expanding school curriculum
Expanding employment images
Expanding educational space
Expanding current skill base
Expanding research on plants
Broadening job specifications
Expanding trade opportunities
Expanding useful local skills
Expanding day care facilities
Fostering broader life images
Expanding advice to leadership
Expanding physical foundations
Expanding farm product profits
Expanding global events access
Expanding corporate management
Expanding political perceptions
Respecting democratic processes
Expanding general adult prowess
Expanding local classroom space
Expanding effective tools stock
Expanding natural resource uses
Augmenting present water supply
Expanding lucrative stock sales
Expanding productive employment
Expanding business opportunities
Increasing commercial activities
Expanding basic economic systems
Expanding basic local sustenance
Expanding local school enrolment
Expanding creative primal images
Expanding available retail space
Expanding varied inventory stock
Expanding exchange of experience
Developing construction expertise
Improving food production systems
Expanding cross-cultural exposure
Securing increased consumer sales
Expanding community talent search
Expanding available resource usage
Expanding individual loan services
Broadening investment capital base
Expanding employee relation skills
Expanding versatile family programs
Expanding decision making structure
Expanding needed goods availability
Expanding community cooperativeness
Expanding urban forestry programmes
Expanding coordinated trade services
Expanding corporate youth activities
Expanding agriculture market methods
Expanding poultry industry potential
Expanding basic communication wisdom
Expanding staff for water management
Expanding public education on hygiene
Providing sufficient capital reserves
Expanding instructors' social context
Expanding resident relational context
Expanding functional learning studies
Expanding appropriate retail services
Expanding rainwater catchment systems
Expanding existing commercial ventures
Expanding inclusive childhood guidance
Expanding visitor's leisure activities
Expanding organized competitive events
Expanding local contextual imagination
Expanding local hospitality structures
Expanding commercial trading operations
Expanding road and water transportation
Expanding technical information services
Expanding profitable business enterprise
Expanding knowledge of available services
Expanding language learning opportunities
Improving knowledge on ecosystem processes
Expanding comprehensive citizen protection
Developing electronic interactive learning
Expanding local agricultural demonstrations
Expanding cultivated multi-purpose croplands
Expanding profitable agricultural operations
Expanding coordination of coastal programmes
Expanding facilities for biotechnology research
Studying human dimensions of environmental change
Expanding distribution and use of monitoring data
Expanding membership of high seas fisheries agencies
Expanding public information on protection of the atmosphere
Expanding integrated use of rural water supply infrastructure
Expanding use of biotechnology for environmental conservation
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Expanding water services for rural and low-income peri-urban areas
Expanding research capabilities on sustainable management of forests
Developing human resources for management of marine and coastal areas
Expanding national marine sciences capabilities in developing countries
Expanding economic incentives and approaches for sustainable development
Expanding national capacity to use information on sustainable development
Expanding capacity of research centres for sustainable agricultural production
Expanding recreational and tourist activities based on marine living resources
Expanding international education and training programmes for cleaner production
Expanding university programmes and networks on sustainable development education
Expanding cooperation on codes for science, technology and sustainable development
Expanding scope of environmental funding to relevant programme areas in Agenda 21
Expanding exchanges of information and experience on training methods and assessments
Expanding dialogue with NGO's and independent sector and entities outside the UN system
Expanding trade union participation in sustainable development
Demonstrating alternatives
Discovering new possibilities for use of natural resources
Expanding appreciation of music
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies