Providing data
Providing food
Providing loans
Providing advice
Training for jobs
Providing therapy
Providing a forum
Providing security
Providing services
Providing incentives
Providing uniformity
Providing role model
Providing counselling
Providing maintenance
Providing foreign aid
Providing information
Providing information
Providing migration aid
Providing guard services
Providing accountability
Providing public funding
Providing sexual services
Providing basic education
Providing standard pattern
Providing military defence
Providing primary eye care
Providing sufficient access
Providing consumer services
Providing low-interest loans
Providing nuclear safeguards
Providing insurance services
Providing community services
Providing fair salary scales
Providing services illegally
Providing negotiating methods
Providing development support
Providing loans to agriculture
Providing counselling for women
Providing safe accessible roads
Providing auspicious conditions
Providing communication services
Providing practical social tools
Supplying petrochemical products
Providing leisure in danger zones
Providing vitality to social role
Providing sufficient satisfaction
Providing accountability structure
Supplying family planning services
Supplying local investment capital
Providing contemporary urban images
Introducing comprehensive child care
Providing adequate electrical supply
Providing accurate civic information
Providing services to migrating women
Providing fair underwriting practices
Providing sufficient eugenic measures
Providing school-based health services
Providing new production possibilities
Providing comprehensive care structures
Providing sufficient storage facilities
Providing systems of practical education
Improving access of rural poor to credit
Providing animals with psychosocial access
Providing public information on waste issues
Providing checks on societal decision-making
Providing checks on societal decision-making
Providing services that promote healthy lives
Providing international health care assistance
Providing evidence of death of missing persons
Providing specialized training in forest planning
Providing international transparency in armaments
Providing basic motivation for skills acquisition
Providing refresher courses in professional fields
Providing a platform for South-South NGO cooperation
Providing a platform for North-South NGO cooperation
Providing support services for persons with disabilities
Providing environmental assistance to developing countries
Providing security assurances for non-nuclear weapon states
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Providing conditions for dialogue between different perspectives
Providing company
Providing sufficient physical warmth
Providing defence
Providing adequate laundry space
Providing current events space
Providing counsel
Providing sufficient realism in intergovernmental organizations
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies