Providing services

Providing advice
Training for jobs
Operating satellites
Educating in nutrition
Providing civil service
Terminating pregnancies
Ensuring legal services
Providing basic services
Providing guard services
Providing rescue services
Advising governing bodies
Providing sexual services
Providing common services
Developing shared service
Providing advisory service
Providing minimal services
Ensuring economic services
Caring for the handicapped
Accessing library materials
Providing shipping services
Providing consumer services
Providing policing services
Providing extension offices
Providing mother/child care
Training insurance industry
Providing research services
Initiating economic service
Organizing forces of service
Providing award for services
Providing goods and services
Applying veterinary medicine
Providing mail order service
Producing goods and services
Providing transport services
Providing insurance services
Working in caring profession
Providing community services
Providing daily mail service
Providing optometric services
Providing services externally
Providing insolvency services
Providing home doctor service
Providing accessible services
Compiling renewable energy information
Providing development service
Providing maintenance services
Providing consultancy services
Providing basic civic services
Providing information services
Providing chiropractic services
Providing public transportation
Improving air transport service
Providing services for homeless
Providing complete home service
Modernizing sanitary facilities
Providing full banking services
Providing counselling for women
Demonstrating community service
Providing sufficient bus service
Creating physical infrastructure
Establishing shipping operations
Providing basic support services
Upgrading basic utilities system
Providing telephone/mail service
Providing communication services
Providing regular postal service
Providing regular repair service
Providing internet news services
Furnishing commensurate services
Providing the poor with services
Providing alternate news services
Providing land surveying services
Linking essential social services
Providing shuttle feeder services
Offering crucial utility services
Improving minority culture support
Coordinating professional services
Ensuring essential travel services
Providing rapid emergency response
Providing social security services
Offering internet service for NGOs
Encouraging local fiscal abilities
Operating private detective agency
Improving island transport services
Arranging district medical services
Encouraging family planning schemes
Introducing comprehensive child care
Providing emergency accident service
Providing regular amusement services
Providing telecommunications service
Providing industrial support services
Designing economic goods and services
Furnishing quick public communication
Providing expert financial assistance
Offering beneficial referral services
Providing humanitarian aid to refugees
Providing sufficient service selection
Providing business management services
Providing necessary ancillary services
Delivering available regional services
Providing sufficient savings structures
Providing welfare services for the deaf
Offering necessary pharmaceutical items
Providing social services in urban areas
Offering specialized supportive services
Expanding knowledge of available services
Providing industrial development services
Offering comprehensive financial services
Limiting accountability of public services
Developing provision of household services
Providing essential transportation services
Increasing international economic cooperation
Providing sufficient local commercial services
Providing technical assistance on human rights
Providing services for children with intellectual disabilities
Providing fair trade practices in the service sector
Providing medical relief for large-scale emergencies
Providing auxiliary services by the old to the young
Providing sufficient personnel for essential services
Improving services infrastructure in poor urban areas
Supporting right to benefit from social welfare services
Providing support services for persons with disabilities
Providing reproductive health counselling for adolescents
Providing sufficient support for local commercial services
Providing environmental infrastructure for human settlements
Providing flexible attitudes toward community social services
Coping with inadequate transport systems for isolated islands
Providing in-service training on sustainable development laws
Providing special extension services in areas prone to drought
Providing computer network services
Providing foreign aid in support of social services for the poor
Managing public services
Social Activity Services
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 1: No Poverty