human value


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Related Problems:
Insensitivity to non-immediate hazards to society
Insecure land tenure
Short-term profit maximization
Short-term climatic change
Physical unfitness
Bad weather
Pursuit of short-term gratification
Short-term planning of product life cycles
Destabilizing movements of short-term capital
Short-range planning for long-term development
Profit-motivated utilization of construction technology
Uncertainty of development programmes due to short-term loans
Unsustainable short-term improvements in agricultural productivity
Domination of government policy-making by short-term considerations
Long-term shortage of natural and manufactured gas
Long-term shortage of wheat
Long-term changes in atmospheric chemistry
Threatened species of Blarinella wardi
Insecure lease tenure
Threatened species of Sylvietta philippae
Long-term shortage of clothing
Threatened species of Baronia brevicornis
Threatened species of Lophornis brachylopha
Long-term shortage of furniture
Short-range project funding
Unimaginative educational vision
Hypermaturity at birth
Long-term shortage of salt-water fish, crustacea and molluscs and preparations thereof
Long-term shortage of water
Long-term shortage of beverages and tobacco
Threatened species of Saltatoria
Elimination of the socio-cultural role of western women
Long-term shortage of livestock
Long-term shortage of sugar and honey and preparations thereof
Threatened species of Amaurocichla bocagii
Long-term shortage of manufactured goods
Absence of long-term economic planning agencies
Threatened species of Hypothymis helenae
Threatened species of Diomedea albatrus
Long-term shortage of coffee, tea, cocoa and spice manufactures
Long-term shortage of metalliferous ores and metal scrap
Threatened species of Hippocampus breviceps
Threatened species of Globicephala macrorhynchus
Threatened species of Brachypteracias leptosomus
Threatened species of Certhilauda chuana
Sports accidents
Long-term shortage of mineral fuels and lubricants
Threatened species of Belocephalus sleighti
Long-term shortage of miscellaneous manufactured articles
Threatened species of Batrachostomus poliolophus
Long-term shortage of chemicals
Downgrading of services with nonquantifiable long-term benefits
Chronic illness
Short-sighted decisions about intersocial interaction
Long-term shortage of coal
Threatened species of Jabouilleia danjoui
Crisis in long-term pension funds
Threatened species of Mystacinidae
Exhaustion of mineral resources
Medium-term cyclic variations in solar radiant energy
Long-term shortage of cereals and cereal preparations
Short shipments of goods
Long-term shortage of machinery and transport equipment
Long-term shortage of dairy products and eggs
Entrenched politicians
Threatened species of Mystacina tuberculata
Threatened species of Cissa thalassina
Long-term effects of war
Long-term impacts of chemical and biological warfare
Long-term shortage of meat and meat preparations
Threatened short grassland habitats
Vulnerability to long-term climate cycles
Short perseverance span
Long-term shortage of crude fertilizers and crude minerals, excluding coal, petroleum and precious stones
Threatened species of Elapognathus minor
Abuse of coca and cocaine
Threatened species of Chinchilla brevicaudata
Long-term shortage of animal feedstuffs excluding unmilled cereals
Long-term shortage of animal and vegetable oils and fats
Threatened species of Casinycters argynnis
Long-term shortage of fruit and vegetable preparations
Long-term shortage of uranium resources
Long-term shortage of manufactured fertilizers
Long-term shortage of electric energy
Long-term shortage of food and live animals
Threatened species of Hippocampus hippocampus
Threatened species of Centropus rectunguis
Paper shortage
Reduction of working time
Short duration of athletic careers
Long-term shortage of rice
Long-term shortage of petroleum and petroleum products
Threatened species of Elimia brevis
Threatened species of Paradoxornis davidianus
Threatened species of Ectemnius curtipes
Threatened species of Tachyglossus aculeatus multiaculeatus
Long-term unemployment
Using long-term perspective study
Considering medium-term debt reduction of debtor countries
Providing emergency humanitarian aid
Identifying sustainable consumption patterns
Providing short-term contracts
Improving long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Enhancing skills of long-term unemployed
Adapting traditional practices for biodiversity conservation
Undertaking long-term research
Undertaking long-term capacity building measures for improved water management
Expanding public participation in environmental research and in setting long-term societal goals
Moving long-term welfare recipients into jobs
Improving long-term patient care
Developing long term monitoring for genetically modified organisms
Coordinating data and statistical systems to support long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Improving long-term environmental policies, technology and risk assessment
Predicting environmental impact of short and long-term perturbations
Cooperating on environmentally sound technology among enterprises in developed and developing countries
Punishing criminals with prison programme
Furnishing long term storage
Obtaining long-term investment capital
Changing prison sentences
Criticizing short-termism
Making long-term construction plans
Providing short term land tenure
Criticizing financial short-termism
Increasing amount of fresh-water
Increasing long-term energy resources
Protecting against vulnerability to long-term climate cycles
Documenting conflict
Describing long-term impacts of chemical and biological warfare
Instituting long-term economic planning agencies
Creating long-range, world-wide capital flow plan
Ensuring term time limits for public figures
Conserving mineral resources
Recovering from long-term effects of war
Treating long-term effects of cocaine abuse
Describing long-term effects of war
Limiting availability of long-term capital
Freeing up availability of commodities
Combatting long term unemployment
Exhibiting short films
Providing long term loans
Exchanging short term volunteers
Assessing longer term outlook
Distributing short films
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values