human value


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Inappropriate cash crop policy
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Collapse of common values
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Environmental hazards of nuclear power production
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Non-tariff barriers to international trade
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Uncoordinated social services in urban areas
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Privatization of justice
Overdependence on household appliances
Proliferation of strategic nuclear weapons
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Proliferation of unprocessed scientific data
Uncontrolled use of virtual reality equipment
Proliferation of automobiles and motor vehicles
Proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology
Proliferation of documents from international organizations
Proliferation of national and international anniversaries and years
Risk of unintentional global nuclear war due to nuclear proliferation
Proliferation of manufacturing capability of chemical weapons
Proliferation of voluntary organizations
Proliferation and duplication of United Nations information systems
Proliferation of telemarketing
Proliferation of forms of association
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Proliferation and duplication of international information systems
Proliferation of private schools
Misuse of video surveillance
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Proliferation and duplication of organizational units and coordinating bodies of the United Nations system
Excessive numbers of freight vehicles
Proliferation and duplication of international organizations and coordinating bodies
Proliferation and duplication of intergovernmental organizations and coordination bodies
Dangerous foetal genetic testing
Conceptual proliferation
Proliferation of direct mail advertising
Proliferation and duplication of international nongovernmental organization information systems
Proliferation of sports utility vehicles
Proliferation of weapons in civilian hands
Proliferation and duplication of international nongovernmental organization and coordination bodies
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values