human value


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Related Problems:
Uncontrolled media
Waste of resources
Addiction to sex
Pathological lying
Hunting of animals
Uncontrolled migration
Uncontrolled immigration
Instability of prices
Irresponsible genetic manipulation
Uncontrolled growth of debt
Lack of water conservation
Global crisis
Undeveloped recreation space
Property damage
Unsustainable economic development
Inadequate town planning
Abuse of scientific power
Police negligence
Tropical diseases
Uncontrolled urban development
Uncontrolled industrialization
Excessive use of land for agriculture
Uncontrolled use of computer data
Inappropriate uncontrolled markets
Speculation on money markets
Uncontrollable sexual arousal of men
Inadequate system of political checks and balances
Uncontrolled costs of disaster relief
Uncontrolled application of technology
Uncontrolled physical expansion of cities
Uncontrollability of world social systems
Uncontrolled use of virtual reality equipment
Uncontrolled environmental impact of technology
Uncontrollable manufacture of destructive products
Inadequate control of weapons of mass destruction
Long-term impacts of chemical and biological warfare
Uncontrolled satellite broadcasting
Uncontrolled structures of international nongovernmental organizations
Uncontrolled river erosion
Uncontrolled descent of orbiting objects
Uncontrolled installation of water plumbing
Uncontrolled waterfront damage
Community expertise drain
Uncontrolled plant diseases
Unbridled lust
Uncontrolled household rent increases
Trespass by hunters
Uncontrolled flow of funds
Uncontrolled dogs
Uncontrolled genetic drift
Unenforced animal control
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values