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Other Names:
Recurring property vandalism
High vandalism rates
Criminal mischief
Unchecked minor vandalism
Unpunished garden vandalism
Vandalism of recreational facilities
Vandalized family gardens
Uncontrolled local vandalism

Destructive actions against urban public property by minors is the most prevalent form of vandalism. Vandals can be senselessly destructive – breaking glass windows, tearing up paving stones, destroying parks, etc; their violence can be a by-product of street gang conflicts; or they can be reprisals against school and other public authorities. Modern vandalism in a number of cities has been abetted by the invention of the spray paint can and the resulting graffiti; covering over sprayed paint or removing it entails very high expenditure.


British Telecom loses £18 million a year in damaged public telephone equipment. All together vandalism cost the UK more than £1.8 billion a year in the end of 1980s.

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D: Detailed problems
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