human value


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Rising water table
Rising water table
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Threatened species of Parambassis altipinnis
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Irresponsible transfer of sensitive technologies
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Intellectual arrogance
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High risk technologies
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Prohibitive costs for businesses
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Noise pollution
Pushing from a high place
Stagnating school enrolment
Hedging in the financial futures market
Hedging in the financial futures market
Improving nutritional value of staple foods
Coordinating research programmes on management of high seas resources
Convening a high-level special session to assess Agenda 21 progress
Using high-performance windows
Respecting marine commons
Assessing high seas resources potential
Taxing resources in high consumption countries
Recovering costs of urban infrastructure and services to high income areas
Expanding cooperative research on life cycles of high seas species
Expanding membership of high seas fisheries agencies
Monitoring fisheries activities on the high seas
Minimizing incidental catch by fishing vessels on the high seas
Correlating marine environmental data with high seas marine living resource data
Improving data collection on marine living resources of the high seas
Discouraging behaviours carrying negative externalities
Providing training about high seas resource assessment
Producing high quality products
Creating high-level international coordinating bodies
Propagating commercial plants
Apply international provisions to fish populations on the high seas
Ensuring sustainable use of marine living resources of the high seas
Researching safe management and disposal of high-level radioactive waste
Growing crops for seed
Making gainful business contracts
Demanding conceptually excellent expression
Reducing cost of high technology medical cures
Providing high technology medical cures
Taking high risk
Taking surveillance of medical high risk persons
Reducing high risk technologies
Reducing high risk quantitative investments
Endangering with awareness of high risk
Increasing amount of time for human response to high technology system
Utilizing high productivity methods of agricultural management
Reducing crimes committed during high unemployment
Protecting against vulnerability of technology
Strengthening mindedness
Being double minded
Studying periods of high crime rate
Studying crimes committed during high unemployment
Protecting against high tides
Promoting excellence
Improving commercial roadways
Appropriating resources for high cost research projects
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Criticizing monolithic architecture of high-rise buildings
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Maintaining high academic standards
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Promoting high moral standards
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Marketing bananas
Producing high quality fish meal
Promoting high professional standards
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values