human value


Other Names:
Strengthening capabilities for dealing with chemical accidents
Managing plastic wastes
Improving human settlements
Dealing with unsolicited calls
Studying human dimensions of environmental change
Strengthening local associations dealing with interests of pastoralists
Controlling drug trafficking
Promoting use of common world language
Agreeing standard procedures for monitoring transboundary air pollution
Improving family living standard
Ensuring decent living standards
Providing standard pattern
Providing standard communication pattern
Establishing minimum standard of living models
Enabling judicial consensus on human rights
Using cheap construction
Raising standard of housing and accommodation
Treating combat trauma
Coping with bereavement
Being double minded
Dealing with worker complaints
Setting standards of living
Denying right to adequate standard of living
Insider dealing
Using moral double standards
Applying double standards
Using medical double standards
Using double standards in religion
Using international double taxation
Using double standards of sexual morality
Using double taxation of royalties
Using double standards on human rights
Dealing with personal failure
Trading in art outside the law
Trading in art
Coping with severe intellectual disability
Ensuring competent production of consumer goods
Overcoming shyness
Ensuring right to freedom from double jeopardy
Providing multiple liability for an single criminal act
Improving standard of economic management
Improving education
Raising standard of world leaders
Regionalizing organizations dealing with trade
Dealing with transnational corporations
Dealing with disputes
Setting international standards
Improving maritime safety
Dealing with scientific fraud
Eliminating substandard ships
Serving professionals dealing with environmental protection
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values