Raising standard of world leaders

World leaders should be like parents to their people, and the international community -- responsible and caring for the family of nations, of the highest personal calibre and holding highest the concerns of the world as a whole rather than of individual nations. Such leaders would hold a vision of a world at peace and harmony, derived from their own inner qualities of peace, wisdom and harmony. Recognizable by what they are as much as for what they say, they would readily gain the confidence and trust of their electorate. Offering the best of themselves, their motives in seeking a position of authority would be to serve, which they would do with the interests of society as their foremost concern. Their self-respect, tolerance and regard for others would be such that they can give and take criticism without offence. They would be agents for change that preserves and strengthens their community's central ideals. Sensitive to individual needs, imbued with compassion and broad vision, they would also maintain awareness of the larger picture not only as regards their own society but also the world. They would see themselves as instruments for the collective will of the community in bringing about whatever achievements are facilitated by their dedication and commitment. Their service of others would be on the basis of a feeling of self-fulfilment which would be revealed in generosity and humility.
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies