human value


Other Names:
Educating about safe sex practices
Preventing forest fires
Preventing youth crime
Preserving natural ecosystems
Preventing drug taking at work
Reducing fiscal inequality
Avoiding unsustainable consumption patterns in developing countries
Avoiding civil war
Ensuring environmental standards do not lead to unjustified trade restrictions
Avoiding discriminatory import action to address environmental problems of exporting countries
Reducing radiation effects
Avoiding diffuse pollution of agricultural chemicals
Endeavouring to remain childless
Minimizing soil erosion
Avoiding familiarity
Omitting meditation
Affirming positive
Decreasing required manual labour
Avoiding terrain loss fear
Avoiding unnecessary medical treatment
Fostering active housing care
Avoiding pain
Avoiding ostentation
Avoiding medical services
Avoiding cost overruns in large-scale public programmes
Avoiding peculiar people
Avoiding technology
Avoiding polarizing communication
Depoliticizing international sports events
Reducing water pollution
Addressing problem avoidance
Reducing risk of damage to stock
Avoiding engineering failure
Campaigning against war
Avoiding ruin
Avoiding saturation of geosynchronous orbits
Avoiding stray voltage
Avoiding stuffy people
Insisting on clean food
Avoiding gypsies
Deflecting undesired sexual obligations
Mitigating undesirable effects of migration
Avoiding capital risk
Avoiding giving opinions of other cultures
Avoiding unlucky numbers
Relieving unpleasantness
Reducing unsustainability of macroeconomic policies
Ensuring timely seed supply
Avoiding disuse
Avoiding unwanted decrease
Counselling pregnant women about drinking alcohol
Avoiding tax
Avoiding issues
Avoiding work
Avoiding reality
Avoiding limitations of copyright
Avoiding naked flesh
Avoiding military service
Avoiding the irrational
Avoiding legal obligations
Avoiding action
Avoiding responsibility
Avoiding controversial issues
Avoiding complaints
Ignoring evidence
Avoiding reference to suffering
Avoiding danger
Avoiding reform
Avoiding consultant advice
Avoiding bad news
Avoiding the old
Avoiding blame
Avoiding bureaucratic delays
Avoiding bureaucratic inaction
Avoiding professional burnout
Avoiding global catastrophe
Avoiding collisions
Avoiding damaging food and drink
Avoiding crop damage
Avoiding insect damage
Avoiding dangerous behaviour
Avoiding dangerous forms of dialogue
Avoiding travelling hazards
Avoiding dangerous occupations
Avoiding occupational deafness
Denying death
Avoiding personal debt
Avoiding evolutionary degeneration
Being derelict of duty
Avoiding destruction of soil fauna and micro-organisms
Avoiding destruction inherent in development
Ignoring plight of disadvantaged people
Avoiding man-made disasters
Avoiding distractions
Avoiding others
Avoiding social collapse
Ignoring patents
Avoiding damage to national interests due to export cartels
Protecting from exposure to weather
Avoiding mechanical failure
Averting technological failures
Avoiding foreign debt
Avoiding gruesomeness
Protecting against hazardous travel
Protecting against fire hazards
Avoiding hesitation
Avoiding horror
Avoiding incompatible information
Avoiding inhospitable climate
Preventing injuries
Avoiding damage to ears
Avoiding work injuries
Avoiding animal injuries
Avoiding insularity
Avoiding interruption of water courses
Abstaining from sex
Providing sufficient crop protection
Being punctual
Ensuring healthy sleep
Avoiding misconstruction
Avoiding nasty people
Avoiding negative feedback
Resolving environmental conflicts
Avoiding submarine telecommunications cables
Preventing waste
Avoiding excessive price
Avoiding compromise of economic development
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values