human value


Investigating equitable economic growth
Preserving old growth forests
Promoting environmentally sound economic growth
Mobilizing resources for economic development
Consulting on negotiating strategies for economic development
Developing scenarios for population growth
Documenting population trends
Decoupling economic growth and pollution increase
Discouraging airline travel
Assessing environmental impacts of growth of intermediate cities
Stabilizing energy use in economic growth sectors
Assessing earth's carrying capacity
Sustaining growth
Promoting peaceful use of nuclear energy
Delineating frame of personal growth
Controlling socio-economic growth
Supporting growth oriented solutions to debt servicing problems
Supporting growth oriented solutions to debt servicing problems
Supporting national sustainable growth and development
Encouraging growth
Restricting growth
Providing a supportive international and national economic climate for sustained economic growth
Banning growth hormones in meat
Expanding limits to growth
Enlisting responsible citizen growth
Rationalizing rapid economic growth
Encouraging desirable industrial growth
Promoting development growth
Promoting new leadership growth
Coordinating local business growth
Advancing district growth image
Stimulating retail business growth
Developing economically
Coordinating economic growth plans
Guaranteeing necessary growth funding
Designing community growth plan
Securing expanded growth capital
Controlling ownership expansion
Maintaining speculative growth in exchange markets
Controlling economic growth
Recognizing needs for growth
Applying nitrogen to soil
Promoting business growth
Restricting growth in export markets
Restricting growth in employment in manufacturing industries
Using feelings of shame for growth
Constraining social growth
Facilitating social growth
Facilitating socio-economic growth
Controlling growth of farm land
Encouraging growth of debt
Treating malnourished children
Preventing unwanted excessive growth
Managing urban growth
Controlling growth of debt
Monitoring world economic growth
Increasing agricultural growth
Decreasing agricultural growth
Exploiting differential economic performance among countries
Standardizing economic growth among countries
Consolidating fiscal base
Balancing growth
Unbalancing growth
Correcting inaccurate economic growth measures
Increasing human physical height
Converting land to crops
Defining limits to growth
Individualizing intellectual growth
Achieving spiritual growth
Increasing balanced growth
Studying human growth
Accelerating national economic growth
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values