human value


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Related Problems:
Soil erosion
Value erosion
Vulnerability of world genetic resources
Mistrust of communal commitment
Soil erosion by water
Weakening of standards
Disrespect for elders
Waste of human resources
Limited social guidance by older generations
Collapsing social security system
Erosion of social dialogue
Global amnesia
Erosion of cultural identity
Inadequate control over government administrative process
Attenuation of group relationships
Vulnerability of ecosystem niches
Erosion of collective consensus
Erosion of biological diversity
Sense of impermanence
Erosion of journalistic immunity
Undemocratic social systems
Bias in scientific research
Political monoculture
Social erosion of personal self-esteem
Crisis in long-term pension funds
Erosion of quality of scientific research
Commercial erosion of standards of quality
Natural environment degradation
Decline in educational standards
Erosion of religious belief by ecumenical dialogue
Erosion of collective memory in traditional cultures
Prohibitive administrative overhead costs for aid
Foreign military presence
Uncontrolled use of computer data
Erosion of regulatory provisions
Endangered genetic super-structure
Pay system erosion
Soil erosion by wind
Commercialization of art
Erosion of social contract
Uncontrolled river erosion
Erosion of university autonomy
Ineffective university faculty members
Erosion of sovereignty
Violation of medical confidentiality
Coastal erosion resulting from dams
Coastal erosion
Unfamiliarity with erosion control methods
Reduction of diversity through policy
Erosion of national sovereignty by transnational enterprises
Lake shoreline damage
Loss of natural heritage
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values