Erosion of sovereignty

Other Names:
Infringement of national sovereignty
Diminishing power of the state

The principle of national sovereignty is eroding because of increased interdependence between nations, regions and continents and because of increased vigour of sub-national regions.


The development of the European Community is creating a super-national entity with increasingly important smaller regions, such as Scotland, Wales, Catalonia, Euzkadi, Flanders, Wallonia, Sicily, Piedmont, Venetia, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria, which will outlast the 12 nations that make up the Community.

Counter Claim:

National sovereignty is an out of date concept encouraging governments to lose power to narrow internal interests. For example, farmer's pressure groups representing a small number of people prevent rational farm policies in much of the developed world. Transnational problems like drug trafficking, international fraud and environmental pollution are not dealt with transnationally because of the concept of national sovereignty.

Problem Type:
D: Detailed problems
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