human value


Other Names:
Integrating dispersed scientific communities
Causing scientific revolution
Applying science sustainably
Promoting basic scientific research
Developing methodologies for impact assessment of atmospheric change
Strengthening scientific cooperation on conserving biological resources
Enhancing science and technology training
Enhancing science and technology training
Expanding research on mountain ecosystems
Improving cooperation among the scientific community, government and public on the environment
Improving long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Assessing scientific, social and economic aspects of drought
Improving scientific basis for decision-making
Classifying species
Ensuring participation of developing countries in international research
Assisting developing countries improve scientific capabilities on climate change and the marine environment
Improving coordination of scientific satellite missions
Disseminating technological information
Fostering collaboration among professional organizations
Fostering collaboration among professional organizations
Reviewing scientific progress
Identifying research needs and priorities for sustainable development
Expanding national scientific and technological advisory councils and groups to respond to sustainable development needs
Supporting coordinated UN scientific research on the global environment
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Implementing major international research programmes
Expanding contribution of scientific and technological community to international negotiations on the environment
Ensuring accurate scientific content in media
Exchanging knowledge on planetary science
Establishing scientific dose/effect relationship for transboundary air pollution
Furthering integrated sciences
Developing scientific research tools
Coordinating data and statistical systems to support long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Funding scientific information networks on the environment
Disseminating results of scientific assessment of the environment in publicly accessible and understandable form
Expanding programmes for disseminating scientific and technological research on the environment
Strengthening capacity to conduct and apply scientific research to the environment
Expanding national scientific and technological databases
Linking established science with indigenous knowledge
Expanding scientific information networks
Developing a stronger scientific basis for improving sustainable development policies
Developing a stronger scientific basis for improving sustainable development policies
Ensuring public views are represented in scientific and technological environmental advisory groups
Strengthening scientific advice in the United Nations system
Establishing national advisory groups on ethics for sustainable development
Improving public understanding of scientific reports on local sustainable development issues
Providing public information on national needs for scientific and technological environmental programmes
Improving regional clearing-houses for scientific cooperation on the environment
Creating environmental monitoring and assessment systems
Recruiting women for environmental research
Developing science
Using scientific farming techniques
Involving youth
Establishing scientific planning procedures
Utilizing scientific productive methods
Applying full scientific techniques
Introducing scientific farming aids
Beginning scientific cattle breeding
Setting context for scientific study
Expanding approaches to scientific study
Expressing internal reality
Concentrating on relevant scientific data
Giving facts meaning
Applying science
Faith healing
Enhancing scientific and technological research
Accepting new scientific theories
Rejecting new scientific theories
Obstructing scientific investigation
Addressing insoluble scientific problems
Producing scientific data
Reducing amount of unprocessed scientific data
Reducing incidence of scientific racism
Rejecting scientific explanations
Accepting scientific explanations
Restricting scientific practices
Exposing secrecy in scientific research
Suppressing scientific evidence
Suppressing scientific information
Applying scientific knowledge
Reducing uncertainties in animal experimentation
Controlling scientific power
Enhancing independence of scientific operations
Disqualifying unprofessional science
Formulating policy on scientific facts
Promoting scientific and technology culture
Believing in scientific progress
Blocking scientific co-operation
Expanding Western scientific worldview
Using inhumane scientific activity
Destroying scientific records
Preserving scientific records
Reducing discriminatory scientific language
Clarifying science
Exposing scientific elitism
Using scientific elitism
Falsifying scientific test results
Uncovering falsification of scientific test results
Independent monitoring of scientific test results
Improving scientific reasoning
Improving public understanding of science
Requiring scientific testing
Applying scientific reasoning
Stimulating scientific investigation
Humanizing scientific research
Stabilizing scientific nomenclature
Tolerating scientific activity
Promoting scientific activity
Abstaining from scientific knowledge
Providing taxonomic systems
Abstaining from scientific taxonomy
Limiting scientific knowledge
Freeing up current scientific knowledge
Preserving scientific evidence
Reporting scientific malpractice
Prosecuting scientific misconduct
Matching public policy and current scientific knowledge
Unifying scientific knowledge
Proposing scientific policies
Providing scientific advice
Exchanging scientific personnel
Safeguarding scientific rights
Awarding scientific excellence
Furthering basic scientific training
Researching scientific cooperation
Collecting scientific information
Humanizing sciences
Distributing scientific documents
Fostering scientific research
Publishing scientific information
Evaluating scientific data
Promoting scientific research
Preserving scientific heritage
Promoting international scientific cooperation
Exchanging scientific knowledge
Dealing with scientific fraud
Regionalizing scientific cooperation
Encouraging scientific communication
Disseminating scientific materials
Promoting joint scientific research
Supporting scientific publications
Developing scientific standards
Developing scientific knowledge
Increasing scientific activities
Promoting scientific cooperation
Extending scientific knowledge
Professionalizing scientific communication
Harmonizing faith with science
Promoting international scientific collaboration
Incorporating scientific knowledge
Translating scientific literature
Encouraging scientific research
Developing scientific concepts in management
Organizing scientific courses
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values