human value


Other Names:
Registering professionals
Improving professional standards in social science
Promoting professional interests
Using professional expertise unselfishly
Developing professional skills
Improving working conditions of salaried employees
Reconciling professional and family life
Encouraging development of museums
Reviewing professional ethics to improve environmental commitment
Applying professional ethics
Developing guidelines on professional training
Fostering collaboration among professional organizations
Supporting professional associations on land management sciences
Sharing professional interest in colour
Supporting professional associations on medical sciences
Supporting professional associations
Transferring professional expertise
Enabling chambers of commerce
Providing professional medical care
Enlisting authorized professional staff
Facilitating professional business practices
Developing professional tourism skills
Engaging professional groups
Coordinating professional services
Consulting professional leaders
Recruiting professional leaders
Reporting negligence by veterinarians
Reporting professional negligence by atmospheric scientists
Restricting professional practices
Maintaining professional secrecy
Exposing professional secrecy
Exposing professional secrecy
Reducing threats to independence of professionals
Abolishing unethical professional practices
Developing ethical codes of conduct for journalists
Abolishing abuse of professional confidence
Disqualifying unprofessional science
Disqualifying unprofessional practice
Disapproving of unprofessional personal appearance
Rendering equivalent professional qualifications
Avoiding professional burnout
Corrupting professional practices
Identifying dangerous professional groups
Reducing professional discrimination
Trusting professional service delivery
Distrusting professional services
Exposing professional elitism
Using professional status
Conducting illegal professional practice
Ensuring competent professionals
Claiming professional intimidation
Using professional jealousy
Breaking down professional jealousy
Providing sufficient medical ethics
Abstaining from professional standards
Providing sufficient professional prettiness
Abstaining from professional prettiness
Providing refresher courses in professional fields
Exposing professional lying
Lying in professional interest
Reporting professional malpractice
Reporting malpractice in the property industry
Reporting professional malpractice of architects
Protecting trade union leaders
Correcting professional misconduct
Correcting misconduct of geological experts
Correcting professional misconduct by engineers
Correcting professional misconduct of sociologists
Correcting professional misconduct of soil experts
Correcting professional misconduct of veterinarians
Correcting professional misconduct by psychiatrists
Correcting professional misconduct of financial agents
Correcting professional misconduct by property valuers
Correcting professional misconduct of forest consultants
Correcting professional incompetence of marine consultants
Correcting professional misconduct of chemical engineers
Correcting professional incompetence of economists
Prosecuting professional misconduct
Prosecuting professional misconduct of physicists
Prosecuting professional misconduct by engineers
Reprimanding professional misconduct of forest consultants
Reprimanding professional misconduct of marine consultants
Reprimanding professional misconduct of chemical engineers
Reprimanding professional misconduct by economic consultants
Prosecuting professional misconduct by medical care workers
Developing professional training in beauty therapy
Providing professional courses
Networking professional secretaries
Maintaining professional standards
Providing professional assistance
Affirming professional responsibilities
Developing professional standards
Organizing professional exchange
Harmonizing professional standards
Boosting professional training of transport industry
Enhancing professional relationships of accountants
Encouraging contacts in the field of professional music education
Exchanging professional experience
Standardizing professional conduct
Standardizing professional ethics
Gaining professional qualification
Advertising professional standards
Enhancing professional relationships
Developing professional careers
Maintaining professional independence
Disseminating professional information
Organizing professional study groups
Exchanging professional experiences
Standardizing professional integrity
Coordinating air defences
Affecting professional activities
Assisting professional local government administrators
Helping young professional musicians
Training professional screenwriters
Regulating professional boxing
Developing professional examinations
Promoting high professional standards
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values