Correcting professional misconduct

Making restitution for professional misconduct
Reporting professional negligence
Disqualifying unprofessional science
Reporting negligence by chemists
Reporting negligence by biologists
Reporting negligence by physicists
Reporting negligence by geologists
Reporting professional malpractice
Prosecuting professional misconduct
Reporting negligence by pedologists
Correcting misconduct of librarians
Reporting negligence by radiologists
Correcting misconduct of magistrates
Reporting negligence by veterinarians
Prosecuting misconduct by radiologists
Reporting negligence by marine biologists
Reporting negligence by history archivists
Reporting negligence by property surveyors
Correcting misconduct of geological experts
Reporting negligence by medical specialists
Reporting malpractice in the social sciences
Correcting professional misconduct by nurses
Reporting negligent public service employees
Reporting negligent natural resource officers
Abolishing unethical practice of anthropology
Correcting misconduct of agricultural experts
Reporting malpractice in the property industry
Correcting misconduct by media representatives
Prosecuting misconduct of agricultural experts
Correcting professional misconduct by engineers
Prosecuting misconduct of public health officers
Reporting professional malpractice of architects
Prosecuting professional misconduct of physicists
Correcting professional misconduct of soil experts
Reporting negligent social development consultants
Correcting professional incompetence of economists
Correcting professional misconduct of sociologists
Correcting professional misconduct of veterinarians
Correcting professional misconduct by psychiatrists
Correcting misconduct of consultant hydrogeologists
Correcting professional misconduct of financial agents
Correcting professional misconduct by property valuers
Correcting professional misconduct of chemical engineers
Correcting professional misconduct of forest consultants
Correcting professional incompetence of marine consultants
Reporting professional negligence by atmospheric scientists
Prosecuting professional misconduct by medical care workers
Demanding accountability for anti-social behaviour
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 15: Life on Land