human value


Conduct fundraising campaign
Developing codes of conduct for international business
Developing value codes for business
Developing code of conduct
Developing codes of conduct for public servants
Implementing code of conduct for law enforcement officials
Reviewing professional ethics to improve environmental commitment
Developing codes of conduct for politicians
Cooperating with industry on guidelines of conduct for cleaner production
Allowing for evolving code of conduct on transfer of environmentally sound technology
Strengthening capacity to conduct and apply scientific research to the environment
Disciplining children's conduct
Delineating reflective conduct
Abolishing unethical practice of anthropology
Disqualifying unprofessional science
Correcting disorderly conduct
Upholding standards of sexual conduct
Setting standards for conduct in parliament
Reporting malpractice in the property industry
Correcting misconduct
Correcting military misconduct
Correcting religious misconduct
Correcting political misconduct
Correcting government misconduct
Correcting misconduct by teachers
Correcting misconduct in business
Correcting professional misconduct
Correcting misconduct of librarians
Correcting misconduct of magistrates
Correcting misconduct by aristocracy
Correcting misconduct in public office
Correcting misconduct of geological experts
Correcting misconduct of agricultural experts
Correcting misconduct by media representatives
Correcting professional misconduct by engineers
Correcting professional misconduct of sociologists
Correcting professional misconduct of soil experts
Correcting professional misconduct of veterinarians
Correcting professional misconduct by psychiatrists
Correcting misconduct of consultant hydrogeologists
Correcting misconduct of trade union representatives
Correcting professional misconduct of financial agents
Correcting professional misconduct by property valuers
Correcting professional misconduct of forest consultants
Correcting professional misconduct of chemical engineers
Prosecuting employer misconduct
Reprimanding academic misconduct
Reprimanding religious misconduct
Prosecuting political misconduct
Prosecuting scientific misconduct
Prosecuting misconduct by tenants
Prosecuting government misconduct
Prosecuting misconduct in business
Prosecuting professional misconduct
Prosecuting misconduct by aristocracy
Prosecuting misconduct by radiologists
Prosecuting misconduct in public office
Reprimanding misconduct during employment
Prosecuting professional misconduct of physicists
Prosecuting misconduct of agricultural experts
Prosecuting professional misconduct by engineers
Prosecuting misconduct of public health officers
Reprimanding misconduct in local government office
Prosecuting misconduct of consultant hydrogeologists
Prosecuting misconduct of trade union representatives
Reprimanding professional misconduct of forest consultants
Reprimanding professional misconduct of marine consultants
Reprimanding professional misconduct of chemical engineers
Reprimanding professional misconduct by economic consultants
Prosecuting professional misconduct by medical care workers
Drafting codes of conduct
Standardizing professional conduct
Promoting codes of conduct
Developing higher moral conduct
Encouraging ethical codes of trading
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values