human value


Protecting quality
Assessing environmental impacts
Accrediting private sector health services
Undertaking research on indoor air pollution
Assessing quality of trading relationship
Improving quality of human life
Promoting quality
Applying environmental quality criteria in coastal zones
Establishing quality standards for biotechnology applications
Expanding programmes on marine environmental quality
Providing nuclear safeguards
Improving national quality control for seafood
Improving national quality control for seafood
Assessing water quality
Monitoring sustainable quality of life
Reforming health policy
Improving environmental health monitoring
Improving job security for women
Sharing information about inland aquatic resources
Testing quality
Increasing quality of transport
Improving access to quality jobs
Reducing urban air pollution
Improving quality of aid
Educating for quality of life
Producing high quality products
Testing seeds
Producing quality food products
Setting quality criteria for marine and freshwater ecosystems
Setting standards for water quality
Preventing adverse impact of agricultural activity on water quality
Controlling water quality for inland fisheries
Raising quality
Linking environmental quality and good business practice
Informing public about adverse impacts of chemicals
Strengthening information networks on water quantity and quality data
Improving quality of water for livestock
Informing public about importance of protecting urban water quality
Integrating management of water quality and quantity
Monitoring water quality threatened by toxic materials storage sites
Setting quality criteria for agricultural water use
Setting quality criteria for agricultural water use
Improving national capabilities for the protection of water quality
Requiring environmental assessment of development projects likely to affect water quality
Expanding education on water quality protection
Creating productive employment relating to the environment
Bringing quality music to disfavoured sectors
Assessing information standards
Disseminating information on quality
Developing forest biodiversity indicators
Using total quality environmental management
Withholding information on drinking water quality
Setting objectives for water quality improvement
Restoring consumer confidence
Expanding monitoring of freshwater quality and quantity
Preparing national and local environmental quality standards
Establishing quality of life indicators
Distributing information about food
Coordinating seed quality development
Coordinating seed quality development
Growing crops for seed
Educating quality home builders
Educating quality home builders
Procuring quality stock
Producing quality local fruits
Making quality gift-shop products
Improving road surface quality
Improving family food quality
Structuring quality baby care
Testing final product quality
Encouraging competent medical services
Constructing new quality homes
Constructing quality water system
Improving quality of teacher training
Ensuring quality skilled personnel
Ensuring regular quality supply
Raising quality equine stock
Developing quality controls for industrial systems
Establishing product quality measures
Controlling quality goods export
Upgrading housing material quality
Cultivating quality local workmanship
Demanding quality
Expanding quality childhood learning
Requiring quality of technical work
Determining quantity and quality of production
Maintaining quality controls and stockpiles
Reporting negligent quality control
Monitoring air quality
Monitoring food quality
Producing poor quality
Researching quality
Studying performance quality
Studying quality of domestic livestock
Improving performance quality
Improving quality research at business schools
Using cheap construction
Preventing prepared food spoilage in storage
Preventing spoilage of agricultural products
Enforcing air quality controls
Improving domestic livestock
Improving domestic livestock
Monitoring quality standards
Reducing product quality
Improving water quality
Delivering quality health services to ethnically diverse populations
Distorting musical pitch
Clarifying musical pitch
Eroding quality of environment
Raising educational quality
Monitoring distant air pollution
Balancing international quality of life
Unbalancing international quality of life
Balancing international quality of working life
Unbalancing international quality of working life
Providing quality
Improving domestic water quality
Ensuring competent production of consumer goods
Providing sufficient quality
Abstaining from quality
Preserving harvested foods
Raising quality of teaching
Raising standards of higher education
Lowering quality of merchandise
Limiting monotonous quality of life
Researching water quality
Promoting product quality
Improving quality of education
Developing high quality composite materials
Issuing quality mark licences
Distributing quality films
Developing quality strategies
Promoting quality awareness
Protecting water quality
Developing high quality services
Controlling moisture problems affecting indoor air quality
Developing methods that safeguard environmental quality
Constructing high quality equipment
Marketing bananas
Producing high quality fish meal
Supplying quality animal feeds
Quality unification
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values