human value


Using professional expertise unselfishly
Coordinating tourism legislation
Sharing experience across countries
Strengthening national capability to assess global climate change
Developing and sharing health care information and expertise
Coordinating interchange of nuclear expertise
Assisting developing countries to build up expertise in international sustainable development law
Involving women entrepreneurs in national expertise groups for sustainability
Ensuring water programmes use local expertise
Incorporating expertise of NGOs in planning United Nations programmes
Using interdisciplinary teams with local expertise for sustainable development studies
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Strengthening scientific and technological capacity
Expanding information exchange among local authorities
Reinforcing UNEP liaison and interaction with UNDP and the World Bank
Acquiring needed expertise personnel
Increasing business management expertise
Utilizing general business expertise
Widening local practical expertise
Linking needed business expertise
Amplifying formal educational expertise
Demonstrating local farming expertise
Developing mechanical techniques
Acquiring needed employable expertise
Creating expertise resource file
Supplying technical expertise resources
Improving quality of teacher training
Developing new crop expertise
Coordinating local expertise
Developing versatile skilled tradesmen
Using available community expertise
Providing helpful technical expertise
Transferring professional expertise
Enhancing corporate procedural expertise
Gathering cultural advisors
Distributing practical farm expertise
Utilizing local technical expertise
Gathering economic advisors
Utilizing accessible global expertise
Gathering political advisors
Securing particular project expertise
Ensuring local repair expertise
Assuring required technical expertise
Appropriating needed expertise resources
Inviting diverse outside expertise
Providing skilled labour potential
Organizing local commercial expertise
Enlisting agricultural consultants' expertise
Utilizing volunteer task forces
Acquiring appropriate technical expertise
Securing needed commercial expertise
Demanding practical industrial skills
Embodying communal expertise
Demanding specialist expertise
Requiring that expertise meet needs
Developing construction expertise
Transmitting accumulated knowledge
Honouring wisdom of the elderly
Appropriating relevant technologies
Establishing skills exchanges
Establishing skills exchanges
Increasing availability of impartial expertise
Limiting availability of expertise
Utilizing locally available skills
Decreasing skilled expertise
Disputing advice and expertise
Planning for expertise development
Providing illegal expertise
Providing expertise
Improving ability of small countries to maintain specialist expertise
Maintaining specialist expertise
Providing sufficient expert knowledge
Limiting availability of technical expertise in remote communities
Advancing geochemistry
Exchange expertise on boilers
Providing expertise on privatization
Exchanging experience
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values