human value


Cultivating appreciation of cultural heritage
Educating about HIV/AIDS
Developing ecological literacy
Researching social action
Promoting interests of refugee children
Strengthening local understanding and sustainable use of marine living resources
Developing international understanding
Promoting public understanding of public interest
Developing new approaches to work
Establishing exchanges for international understanding
Preventing suicides
Focusing on wholeness
Countering conventional understanding of war
Improving understanding of decision-makers on biological principles
Enhancing status of artists
Overcoming drug habit
Producing TV and radio programmes for environmental awareness
Deepening understanding
Linking environmental quality and good business practice
Understanding need for military intervention by democracies
Researching men and families
Understanding revealed truth
Improving public understanding of scientific reports on local sustainable development issues
Understanding modern money economy
Increasing international economic cooperation
Promoting technological understanding
Promoting technological understanding
Understanding analogical methods
Understanding global social trends
Understanding seed money concept
Understanding sexuality
Understanding basic hiring practices
Injecting fresh insights on individual rights
Discovering new possibilities for use of natural resources
Enabling common understanding of social rules
Stimulating understanding of meaningful social activity
Giving practical grounding to understanding final meanings
Requiring new methodological approaches to human understanding
Revealing impracticalities of methods of understanding society
Deciding impending arenas of consciousness
Understanding abstract relations
Expanding knowledge of available services
Recovering historical understanding
Expanding global commonality
Understanding culture shock
Healing the spirit
Deepening understanding of peace
Deepening understanding of liberty
Deepening understanding of human creativity
Deepening understanding of individual differences
Deepening understanding of needs
Deepening understanding of cultural differences
Understanding victimization
Understanding chaos
Understanding differing conceptions of time
Understanding cultural differences in fertility
Understanding cultural differences in fertility
Studying cardiovascular diseases
Understanding genetic errors
Understanding children's inability to separate fantasy from reality
Understanding geological fault processes
Understanding feebleness
Bridging cultural gap
Advancing understanding of vision
Distinguishing fantasy from reality
Improving understanding of hygiene
Improving public understanding of science
Providing sufficient understanding
Abstaining from understanding
Understanding initial phase of human development
Abstaining from international understanding
Providing sufficient understanding of social and economic contexts in development programmes
Abstaining from understanding of social and economic contexts in development programmes
Speeding up cultural understanding of information
Limiting understanding to measurable factors
Preserving covenantal understanding of sexuality
Researching sexual abuse by women
Treating mutism
Deepening mutual understanding
Achieving understanding
Fostering regional understanding
Promoting understanding among religions
Balancing understanding
Developing greater understanding
Creating spirit of understanding
Educating for international understanding
Developing mutual understanding
Increasing understanding
Studying social changes
Educating through mutual understanding
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values