human value


Other Names:
Advancing conflict resolution
Facilitating economic structural adjustment
Pursuing human rights
Planning for environmental factors
Providing effective support to improve human health
Helping developing countries implement effective commodity policies
Training decision makers to make effective use of early warning systems
Improving institutional capacity for effective monitoring of compliance
Supporting regional centres on the effective use of economic instruments
Developing effective health training policies
Providing economic incentives
Clean pollution control technologies for Industry
Adapting cost-effective methods of environmental control to local conditions
Strengthening the United Nations as effective force for global sustainability
Developing effective policies
Developing effective biological control agents against disease transmitting vectors
Developing managerial competence
Developing effective education and training programmes
Recognizing need for strong and effective leadership in the United Nations system to implement Agenda 21
Making effective use of medicinal plants
Developing effective technologies for treating waste
Making effective and multiple use of existing school facilities
Lobbying on effective pesticide policies
Expanding waste collection and disposal services
Ensuring effective firearms control
Assisting water agencies to become more cost-effective
Assisting water agencies to become more cost-effective
Envisioning future development
Improving NGO access to data needed for research
Installing effective water delivery
Placing effective road culverts
Promoting effective meeting orchestration
Regulating resources use
Regulating resources use
Ensuring effective child spacing
Ensuring comprehensive family care
Demonstrating modern farm technology
Coordinating effective vehicle usage
Utilizing effective farming skills
Teaching effective managerial methods
Ensuring effective child rearing
Assuring effective electrical operations
Demonstrating new agricultural methods
Creating effective assembly procedures
Publishing effective printed material
Establishing effective feeding areas
Assisting effective money management
Starting effective production procedures
Creating effective work forces
Innovating effective commercial schemes
Building effective community ownership
Instituting effective building procedures
Assuring effective service continuity
Developing fiscal methods
Encouraging effective corporate leaders
Providing effective recreational schemes
Generating effective dynamic teachers
Initiating effective oral hygiene
Ensuring effective transport use
Ensuring effective transport use
Sharing effective social methods
Providing motivational methodologies
Maximizing effective automobile use
Strengthening effective kinship roles
Learning effective corporate action
Imaging effective habitat plans
Providing effective consumer input
Issuing effective judicial remedy
Structuring effective neighbourhood action
Supplying public information
Representing effective public interests
Teaching effective business procedures
Promoting effective authority presence
Improving wild animal management
Structuring effective action channels
Structuring effective action channels
Maximizing effective space use
Learning effective classroom procedures
Researching effective delivery programs
Providing effective consensus methods
Empowering popular leader
Building effective external relations
Generating community investment fund
Expanding effective tools stock
Introducing effective farming methods
Enabling effective machine maintenance
Developing cost effective merchandise
Providing effective family management
Initiating effective crop care
Enabling effective community function
Communicating effective participation
Promoting effective use of fertilizers
Providing effective methods training
Structuring effective development action
Establishing strong citizen voice
Extending effective business advice
Providing effective bio-gas source
Enabling effective leisure use
Applying effective chemical supplements
Broadening effective leadership roles
Instituting effective agricultural methods
Upgrading effective marketing management
Enhancing creative community participation
Providing effective public media
Expanding basic community structures
Establishing new small industries
Devising effective commuter transportation
Extending effective legal assistance
Fostering effective interchange system
Strengthening effective information exchange
Initiating effective marketing systems
Constructing modern public toilets
Assuring effective information flow
Fostering effective neighbourhood organizations
Instituting effective demonstration farming
Introducing effective leadership methods
Fostering social cohesion
Building effective social patterns
Maximizing effective town promotion
Installing necessary support systems
Supplying effective business assistance
Offering effective leadership methods
Instituting effective domestic security
Building consensus
Building effective decision making
Demonstrating basic agriculture techniques
Obtaining effective government liaison
Obtaining effective government liaison
Ensuring social participation
Providing regulatory mechanisms of government
Opening channels for societal engagement
Structuring care of workers
Defining effective incentives
Designing common distribution
Developing community leadership
Developing community leadership
Promoting public relations
Identifying obstacles to satellite communications
Identifying obstacles to efficient utilization of time
Identifying obstacles to effective international nongovernmental organizations
Emphasizing effective use of technical resources
Assisting those in poverty
Improving use of language
Developing agency relationships
Using fear to promote effective cooperation
Improving human rights
Using effective approach in teaching intellectual methods
Negotiating multilateral safeguard systems
Improving institutional mechanisms for cost-effective debt negotiation
Increasing effectiveness of communication
Abstaining from effective communication
Developing leadership training
Exposing effective negative loans from development banks to developing countries
Developing effective new social policies
Encouraging more effective aid utilization
Highlighting effective development
Developing effective pesticide policies
Establishing effective privacy legislation
Developing effective official statistical services
Assessing radiation for safe and effective use
Implementing effective crime prevention strategies
Promoting effective communication
Ensuring effective protection
Training leaders
Devising effective crime prevention strategies
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values