Promoting effective use of fertilizers

The world's rising demand for food makes it likely that fertilizer use will increase (despite research on genetically-modified nitrogen-fixing crops). Far greater efforts will have to be devoted to developing more efficient methods of plant nutrient management.
The Commission on Fertilizers of the Food and Agriculture Organization provides a forum for study and consultation on problems associated with fertilizers; in particular, it reviews and disseminate on a regular basis information on prices, on current and short-term availability and demand, on production and consumption trends, on export and import trends, and on medium and long-term forecasts for fertilizers. It helps ensure that all countries, in particular [developing countries], have at their disposal, in sufficient quantities and at reasonable prices, the nutrients required for their agricultural development and food production. It helps promote fertilizer production particularly in developing countries. Wherever feasible, it assists in developing fertilizer distribution and marketing infrastructure with appropriate United Nations bodies. It reviews the main factors influencing fertilizer use, coordinates FAO fertilizer activities, facilitate coordination with those of other agencies and suggest programmes and measures specifically designed to achieve the above objectives.

The Cantarranas Integrated Development Program is a sustainable agriculture programme in Honduras. The Program encourages farmers to experiment with new fertilizing methods on small private lots and adopt those which result in a significant improvement. The farmers themselves educate their findings with their neighbours. After three and a half years, more than 600 families have been involved and farmer yields have increased by as much as three times.

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E: Emanations of other strategies