Using fossil fuel more efficiently

Increasing energy efficiency of gas
Utilizing efficient petroleum technologies
Using oil, coal, gas, peat and shales more efficiently.
Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, and include coal, oil, gas, peat and shales. Together they account for the majority of the world's commercial energy generation, as well as being one of the world's prime sources of environmental impact. Their current use is inefficient and wasteful. Fossil fuels finite supply, environmental impact and energy importance have led to agreement that they should be used more efficiently by developing energy efficient methods and technologies in order to save considerable energy and money, extend supplies, and reduce pollution. This is also necessary with regard to the increasing consumption of fossil fuels in developing countries, where sustained growth in energy use of 5-7%/year for the next 30 years is predicted.
It has been calculated that increasing energy efficiency alone could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in several high-income countries by between 1 and 2% per annum.
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D: Detailed strategies
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