human value


Using fossil fuel more efficiently
Developing solar power systems
Employing energy efficient design
Researching energy efficiency
Increasing state efficiency
Facilitating interdisciplinary exchanges
Networking on sustainable energy
Intensifying existing resource use
Increasing energy intensity
Improving effectiveness of aid for health
Improving systems of international trade
Financing energy efficiency
Correcting inefficiency of health programmes
Setting energy efficiency goals
Increasing eco-efficiency in business
Increasing efficiency of symbiotic processes for sustainable agriculture production
Developing efficiency housing subsidy systems
Promoting energy efficiency in developing countries
Improving efficiency of trade
Increasing efficiency of international marketing
Improving allocation of resources
Improving pricing efficiency
Conserving energy in the household
Appraising public investment efficiency
Increasing effectiveness of informal lending
Integrating national energy efficiency policy
Promoting worker health
Using biodiversity priorities in business efficiency criteria
Ensuring constant product markets
Spatial planning
Assuring full catch utilization
Designing work efficiency evaluations
Improving feeding of domestic animals
Developing efficiency indices for monitoring industrial processes
Heightening efficiency of industrial processes
Reducing local energy costs
Reforming tax systems
Determining effectiveness of production instruments
Increasing production efficiency
Improving natural resource use
Extracting natural resources
Being concerned with efficiency
Exposing bureaucratic inefficiency
Employing bureaucratic inefficiency
Monitoring decline in efficiency
Using inefficiency
Improving administration of aid
Improving management of government finances
Increasing effectiveness of water usage
Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of international meetings
Increasing effectiveness and efficiency of intercultural meetings
Increasing efficiency
Increasing economic efficiency
Increasing military efficiency
Increasing efficiency of labour use
Increasing intellectual efficiency
Increasing bureaucratic efficiency
Increasing efficiency of manual farming
Increasing efficiency of domestic skills
Increasing efficiency of public spending
Increasing efficiency of financial markets
Increasing efficiency of regulations
Increasing efficiency of system of crime detection
Increasing efficiency of use of available health care
Increasing internal efficiency of public programmes
Increasing efficiency of federalism amongst states
Increasing efficiency of mobilization of government revenue
Increasing efficiency of public spending to alleviate poverty
Establishing shipping procedures and documentation
Establishing policy to ensure global food security
Improving efficiency of government monopolies
Improving efficiency of transportation of goods
Maximizing road transport efficiency
Improving managerial efficiency
Improving logistics efficiency
Improving home water efficiency
Advancing energy efficiency
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values