Reducing eurocentrism

Europe and her descendants around the world have had more impact on the world than any other continent or peoples, extending and imposing their languages, cultures, ideas and beliefs throughout the world as a result of their unique mix of practices, colonialism and modern development. This much is true. However, this historic momentum has lent itself to viewing life in many instances from a biased "European race" or eurocentric point of view, at the detriment of objectivity and the experiences of non-European based cultures. A good example includes history books painting glorified heroic pictures of figures from the past, notably Christopher Columbus. Few people realize that he started the Atlantic slave trade. Eurocentrism, or any ethnocentrism for that matter (e.g. Sinocentrism), should make way for an objective account of past and present human activities. This action alone can go a long way towards global understanding, respect, and harmony.
Type Classification:
F: Exceptional strategies