Consolidating independence

Ensuring independence
Maintaining independence
Defending independence
Promoting press freedom
Cooperating internationally
Increasing self sufficiency
Ensuring independent research
Managing independent hospitals
Supporting occupational guilds
Promoting independent learning
Re-evaluating independent pride
Declaring national independence
Networking independent producers
Enhancing independence of markets
Campaigning for personal freedoms
Coordinating independent producers
Ensuring local economic sufficiency
Allowing independent decision-making
Undertaking independent investigation
Maintaining professional independence
Informing through an independent press
Ensuring independence of the judiciary
Ensuring independence of the judiciary
Encouraging national self-determination
Increasing independence of the disabled
Providing independent record verification
Enhancing independence of police operations
Promoting independent audiovisual production
Granting independence to colonial territories
Regulating public sector with independent body
Forming transnational political interdependence
Enhancing independence of scientific operations
Reducing threats to independence of professionals
Enhancing independence of executive branch action
Establishing independent UN standby military force
Preserving independence of United Nations agencies
Using independent monitoring of political processes
Supporting independent initiatives in science and technology
Establishing independent monitoring bodies for freshwater resources
Expanding dialogue with NGO's and independent sector and entities outside the UN system
Independent Christian Youth (1100016365)
Association of Independent Tanker Owners (1100022868)
alles - A Network of Independent Cultural Centres (1100009841)
il of National Associations of Independent Schools (1100045489)
f European Independent Producers (1100028919)
troleum Exporting Countries (1100044798)
ternational Organization for Certification (1100039831)
deration of Independent Trade Unions (1100018605)
od Distributors of Europe (1100032972)
ttee for Small and Medium Sized Independent Companies (1100015382)
Independent European Lawyers (1100051707)
an and Caribbean Confederation of Small and Medium Sized Independent Companies (1100004662)
Independent European Jurisdictions of the Odd Fellow Order (1100010486)
endent Steelworks Association (1100037263)
iation of Independent Vehicle Traders (1100050459)
Association of Independent Art and Design Schools (1100014042)
Independent Electronic Mass Media Organization of Central Asia (1100047103)
sic Companies Association (1100007033)
of Associations of Independent Schools of the European Union (1100029385)
entre for Independent Media of the Balkan Region, Ljubljana (1100016221)
reau on Humanitarian Issues (1100027471)
f Independent States Society of Immunology (1100028246)
ternational Commission on Decommissioning (1100057455)
tistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States (1100058255)
onist Movement (1100066507)
nd Independent Pacific Movement (1100012541)
countants International (1100046976)
Independent Thinking Organization (1100018343)
f Independent States (1100027022)
an Association of Independent Schools (1100006213)
of the Commonwealth of Independent States (1100000553)
mmission for Population and Quality of Life (1100032573)
res Culturales de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (1100031521)
endent Financial Advisers Network (1100019027)
nd of the Commonwealth of Independent States (1100008358)
dia Foundation (1100054130)
of Independent Christian Churches (1100034109)
Business Alliance of Small and Medium Independent Enterprises (1100030596)
rk on Independent Living (1100058697)
ency on Independent Ecological Organizations (1100021822)
an Independent Environmental Foundation (1100042003)
holars of Asia (1100014931)
ace Movement (1100039814)
tute for Independent Literature and Social Movement in Eastern Europe (1100007214)
Organic Inspectors Association (1100060353)
r Independent Judges and Lawyers (1100056714)
ternational New Independent States (1100046891)
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (1100010200)
und for the Development of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Moscow (1100020787)
urity Treaty Organization (1100038655)
Association of Independent Web Consultants (1100061076)
uth Asian Commission on Poverty Alleviation (1100055275)
Independent Information and Advertising Agency of Women in Russia (1100027003)
Association of Independent Scholars (1100011750)
Association of Independent Producers (1100051312)
der of Foresters (1100028325)
Association of Independent Publishers (1100016627)
ernational Independent School (1100063750)
ace Service (1100038088)
ndent Churches Youth Project (1100021308)
ard for Presbyterian Foreign Missions (1100057250)
semblies of God International (1100022938)
d-Catholic Church in Europe (1100010820)
rators International (1100053612)
Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences, Moscow (1100004668)
Independent Christian Missionary Communities (1100034104)
cerning the protection and integration of indigenous and other tribal and semi-tribal populations in independent countries (1100064431)
cerning indigenous and tribal peoples in independent countries (1100008046)
convention on independent guarantees and stand-by letters of credit (1100048318)
eration among states members of the Commonwealth of Independent States in combating terrorism (1100058870)
der (1100029754)
porter's World Association (1100054167)
oup on Financial Flows to Developing Countries (1100059092)
American Trust for Independent Power (1100003258)
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies