Ensuring safety
Ensuring justice
Improving access
Preserving freedom
Ensuring healthy sleep
Building consensus
Providing security
Ensuring neutrality
Providing incentives
Ensuring circulation
Ensuring credibility
Ensuring legible laws
Conducting staff audit
Ensuring comprehension
Ensuring staff welfare
Ensuring civil defence
Ensuring accountability
Ensuring price stability
Ensuring military errors
Ensuring just litigation
Ensuring fair competition
Ensuring market integrity
Ensuring competent judges
Expanding consumer choice
Consolidating independence
Ensuring adequate research
Sacrificing political power
Ensuring structural justice
Ensuring timely seed supply
Ensuring full cost recovery
Ensuring optimum sales price
Ensuring survival of species
Ensuring legislative justice
Ensuring well planned events
Ensuring rapid local service
Ensuring effective protection
Ensuring political solidarity
Ensuring competent government
Ensuring independent research
Assuring expressed conscience
Ensuring overall space design
Applying affordable standards
Regulating building societies
Developing leadership training
Ensuring response to injustice
Ensuring competent development
Ensuring competent development
Ensuring wider crop protection
Ensuring best financial profit
Ensuring proper machinery care
Ensuring right to a fair trial
Promoting literacy and reading
Ensuring existing group support
Ensuring local repair expertise
Ensuring lasting energy services
Ensuring capable aircraft pilots
Ensuring a means of self-defence
Establishing shipping operations
Ensuring service facility access
Ensuring available income access
Ensuring regular vehicle service
Ensuring adequate livestock diet
Ensuring mutual economic benefit
Ensuring crucial products access
Ensuring attractive public areas
Ensuring expert treatment access
Ensuring equal parental attention
Ensuring attractive housing areas
Ensuring basic services resources
Ensuring rapid follow-up to UNCED
Ensuring justice within the family
Ensuring social rights of the aged
Ensuring freedom from bond service
Maintaining educational facilities
Ensuring profitable marine harvest
Ensuring flexible market schedules
Ensuring skilled medical treatment
Ensuring speedy ambulance arrivals
Ensuring helpful external relations
Assuring sufficient domestic supply
Ensuring active adult participation
Ensuring adequate preparation space
Ensuring adequate services delivery
Ensuring effective firearms control
Acquiring low-cost building supplies
Sustaining ongoing social well-being
Ensuring just punishments for crimes
Ensuring regular systems maintenance
Ensuring continuous information flow
Ensuring continuous external support
Ensuring available medical personnel
Ensuring regular functioning systems
Ensuring commercial seafood supplies
Ensuring effectively equipped adults
Ensuring regular collection services
Ensuring provision of societal gifts
Ensuring inter-community cooperation
Ensuring total student participation
Delivering necessary public utilities
Ensuring on-going educational efforts
Ensuring regular health consultations
Ensuring sufficient delivery pressure
Ensuring methodological citizen input
Ensuring systematic planning sessions
Ensuring equitable complaint channels
Ensuring basic comprehensive training
Ensuring competent tertiary industries
Ensuring sustainable population levels
Ensuring adequate protective practices
Ensuring off-hours usage of facilities
Ensuring greater international security
Ensuring necessary physical maintenance
Ensuring availability of basic reserves
Ensuring additional study opportunities
Ensuring corporate equipment maintenance
Increasing business management expertise
Ensuring compensation for discrimination
Ensuring socially sustainable development
Ensuring comprehensive treatment follow-up
Ensuring adequate local government services
Ensuring term time limits for public figures
Ensuring witnesses testify against offenders
Ensuring access to copyright protected works
Ensuring safe management of radioactive wastes
Ensuring right to freedom from double jeopardy
Ensuring basic functional government approaches
Ensuring sustainable development of forest lands
Ensuring comprehensive administrative techniques
Ensuring adequate infrastructure in coastal zones
Strengthening comprehensive health care for women
Ensuring political support for sustainable policies
Ensuring project plans include indigenous practices
Ensuring participatory process for programme planning
Supporting research into global atmospheric chemistry
Ensuring government assistance to religious authorities
Ensuring regional harmonization of financial regulations
Ensuring transparent and democratic governance of the GEF
Ensuring environmentally sound waste treatment and disposal
Ensuring women's access to health care and family planning services
Ensuring environmentally sound development adjacent to protected areas
Ensuring sustainable energy in human settlements
Ensuring efficient and environmental sound urban transportation systems
Ensuring adequate salaries for biotechnology experts in developing countries
Ensuring access to regional scientific and technological information networks
Ensuring optimal operation of existing water projects in water investment strategy
Ensuring sustainable development of fresh waters
Improving access of girls to basic education
Improving intersectoral approaches to communicable diseases
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies