Collecting information

Accumulating data
Gathering information
Maintaining library
Researching tsunamis
Monitoring fisheries
Collecting trade data
Providing census data
Collecting statistics
Collecting information
Compiling building data
Collecting research data
Collecting data on water
Collecting ecological data
Collecting drug abuse data
Collecting drug information
Maintaining science library
Analysing land cover change
Collecting environmental data
Collecting meteorological data
Accessing biological collections
Surveying protected area systems
Collecting scientific information
Disseminating paediatric knowledge
Collecting sufficient data on women
Collecting technological information
Accumulating intelligence information
Compiling inclusive vital information
Monitoring status of forest resources
Compiling vital commercial information
Collecting gender-sensitive indicators
Developing ortho-photography landbases
Accumulating national security information
Collecting data on alternative livelihoods
Collecting environmental data automatically
Protecting workers in redundancy situations
Facilitating collection of geophysical data
Collecting international health service data
Integrating sustainable development information
Collecting data on rural energy supply patterns
Establishing national soil reference collections
Extending scope of environmental data collection
Improving data and information to combat poverty
Enabling access to primary sources of information
Establishing environmental data collection centres
Improving facilities for collecting hydrological data
Collecting data on state of ecosystems and human health
Harmonizing data collection methods for conservation parks
Collecting statistical data on financing external surpluses
Collecting sustainable development data for national planning
Assessing adequacy of water resource data collection networks
Supporting international agencies in collection of marine data
Providing a clearinghouse for economic development information
Facilitating access to environmental data collection technology
Improving cooperation among agencies collecting hydrological data
Using new techniques of data collection on sustainable development
Strengthening data collection on environment and transport linkages
Improving data collection on conservation of marine living resources
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Collecting data for sustainable development planning in small islands
Improving data collection on marine living resources of the high seas
Improving collection of information on poverty target groups and areas
Ensuring participation of developing countries in collection of environmental data
Undertaking pilot projects to improve urban data collection and management systems
Strengthening national capacities to collect, assess and use environmental data in decision-making
Collecting, assessing and publishing information on indigenous knowledge for sustainable development
Rendering information
Waging information war
Type Classification:
B: Basic universal strategies