Collecting statistics

Collating statistics
Compiling statistics

Always keep a record of data -- it indicates you've been working.

Collecting trade data
Providing census data
Gathering resource data
Compiling building data
Gathering transport data
Collecting research data
Collecting data on water
Collecting ecological data
Collecting drug abuse data
Completing vital statistics
Listing important town data
Compiling energy statistics
Exchanging terminology data
Developing health statistics
Compiling statistics on books
Maintaining sports statistics
Correcting official statistics
Collecting meteorological data
Collating household statistics
Collecting industry statistics
Collecting national statistics
Maintaining official statistics
Developing databases on marine living resources
Developing agricultural statistics
Compiling regular development data
Improving environmental statistics
Gathering international statistics
Compiling socio-economic statistics
Collecting sufficient data on women
Maintaining global tourism statistics
Collecting gender-sensitive indicators
Maintaining needed community statistics
Collecting data on incidence of smoking
Collecting printing machinery statistics
Collecting printing machinery statistics
Developing national statistical framework
Collecting data on alternative livelihoods
Improving social and demographic statistics
Facilitating collection of geophysical data
Collecting international health service data
Collecting data on rural energy supply patterns
Improving facilities for collecting hydrological data
Collecting data on state of ecosystems and human health
Collecting statistical data on financing external surpluses
Collecting sustainable development data for national planning
Collecting data for sustainable development planning in small islands
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D: Detailed strategies