Requiring monitoring
Monitoring aid
Monitoring debt
Monitoring data
Monitoring soil
Monitoring drugs
Monitoring wages
Monitoring sales
Monitoring plants
Monitoring amnesty
Researching crimes
Monitoring dumping
Compiling inventory
Monitoring research
Monitoring networks
Developing software
Monitoring activity
Reporting accidents
Researching forests
Monitoring fisheries
Monitoring activities
Monitoring employment
Researching democracy
Monitoring toxic rain
Regulating monitoring
Monitoring development
Monitoring overloading
Researching road safety
Monitoring overstocking
Monitoring sacred sites
Monitoring civil rights
Monitoring birth defects
Gathering transport data
Monitoring banned exports
Regulating food standards
Researching housing needs
Monitoring drinking water
Monitoring routine deaths
Monitoring irritant fumes
Monitoring industry sector
Monitoring desertification
Monitoring ozone depletion
Monitoring food production
Monitoring genetic defects
Enforcing international law
Monitoring humanitarian aid
Compiling energy statistics
Monitoring cultural decline
Monitoring prison detention
Monitoring community decline
Monitoring quality standards
Recording landslip disasters
Monitoring gaseous emissions
Studying synergistic effects
Monitoring laboratory animals
Producing primary commodities
Monitoring agricultural trade
Documenting human development
Documenting population trends
Discerning production methods
Monitoring stellar explosions
Ensuring competent monitoring
Assessing status of ecosystems
Monitoring population policies
Monitoring rights of the child
Monitoring exposure to hazards
Neglecting official monitoring
Monitoring toxicity thresholds
Corrupting monitoring agencies
Monitoring worker productivity
Monitoring civic participation
Monitoring current performance
Monitoring failure of materials
Monitoring use of agrochemicals
Monitoring engineering industry
Monitoring technological trends
Improving monitoring mechanisms
Monitoring toxic food additives
Monitoring economic regulations
Monitoring cervical smear tests
Monitoring development policies
Assessing current land situation
Monitoring ultraviolet radiation
Monitoring decline in efficiency
Monitoring world economic growth
Monitoring fossil fuel emissions
Monitoring contraceptive failure
Regulating government activities
Controlling antibiotic resistance
Monitoring agricultural machinery
Monitoring bureaucratic structures
Monitoring risk management systems
Reviewing food processing industry
Monitoring human rights violations
Monitoring critical habitat status
Monitoring prices of raw materials
Monitoring motor vehicle emissions
Investigating forced disappearances
Monitoring small animal experiments
Monitoring international conventions
Monitoring global telecommunications
Assessing organizational performance
Monitoring foreign direct investment
Monitoring entrepreneurial activities
Monitoring status of forest resources
Monitoring United Nations buffer zones
Monitoring sustainable quality of life
Surveying available economic resources
Monitoring implementation of strategies
Establishing complete monitoring system
Neglecting monitoring of earth processes
Monitoring dumping in the service sector
Monitoring anti-dumping trade procedures
Compiling directory of endangered species
Monitoring decline of the extended family
Monitoring decline in domestic investment
Monitoring dumping food products as waste
Monitoring representational responsibility
Deciding impending arenas of consciousness
Monitoring of communication by governments
Monitoring incidence and causes of injuries
Monitoring violation of international peace
Providing checks on societal decision-making
Monitoring discharge of dangerous substances
Monitoring decline in government expenditure
Monitoring multilateral population assistance
Monitoring dumping of consumer waste products
Monitoring securities and commodities exchange
Monitoring aerial explosions of unknown origin
Monitoring emissions of carbon to the atmosphere
Monitoring agricultural change
Reporting negligent monitoring of earth processes
Monitoring violation of freedom from bond service
Independent monitoring of scientific test results
Developing quality controls for industrial systems
Setting conditions on the flow of economic systems
Reducing nuclear reactor emissions from satellites
Determining effectiveness of production instruments
Using independent monitoring of political processes
Advocating free access to telecommunication networks
Demanding constant re-evaluation of social integrity
Undertaking environmental monitoring and assessments
Monitoring hunting of protected and endangered species
Determining extent of possible challenge to social will
Monitoring economic control by transnational corporations
Revealing imbalances in priorities for resource consumption
Improving monitoring of international organization activity
Monitoring government involvement in human rights violations
Assessing socio-cultural impact of communication technologies
Claiming intimidation in connection with monitoring functions
Developing efficiency indices for monitoring industrial processes
Monitoring progress on integrating environment and development goals
Developing methodologies for impact assessment of atmospheric change
Improving institutional capacity for effective monitoring of compliance
Improving national inter-agency coordination on monitoring forest resources
Minimizing disadvantages of improved food production in developing countries
Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of national shelter strategies
Using epidemiological monitoring to anticipate spread of communicable diseases
Monitoring business activity
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies