human value


Promoting right to humanitarian assistance
Assessing development assistance
Coordinating NGO humanitarian assistance
Funding population programmes
Researching literacy
Improving effectiveness of aid for health
Providing economic policy advice to developing countries
Providing assistance to single parents
Increasing technical assistance to developing countries to design and operate efficient tax systems
Monitoring multilateral population assistance
Providing assistance to community environmental action
Providing immediate international assistance in emergency situations involving biotechnology
Securing international assistance for urban environmental improvement programmes
Using military/civil defence assets in disaster relief
Providing preventive humanitarian assistance
Providing for ageing people
Providing enterprise grants
Providing international health care assistance
Providing technical assistance for control of communicable disease
Providing financial assistance for hazardous waste emergencies
Providing development assistance to internally displaced persons
Improving assessment and assistance in cases of environmental emergency
Coordinating disaster relief assistance
Providing technical assistance on human rights
Expanding technical assistance in developing countries on chemicals management
Providing assistance in rescheduling debt
Improving assistance
Reducing illegal research assistance for students
Improving development assistance
Assisting waste and recycling in the informal sector
Providing emergency medical assistance
Providing technical assistance for literacy programmes
Identifying requirements for international technical assistance for sustainable development
Ensuring government assistance to religious authorities
Providing technical assistance in support of business development
Providing expert financial assistance
Encouraging ongoing localized assistance
Requesting initiative monetary assistance
Increasing aid to developing countries
Providing multilateral financial assistance
Encouraging competent medical services
Providing immediate health care
Providing rapid emergency response
Supplying home purchasing assistance
Enlisting public agency assistance
Offering trained teacher assistance
Obtaining needed expert assistance
Building broad programme assistance
Providing environmental assistance to developing countries
Providing requisite field assistance
Securing practical education assistance
Requiring assistance in labour organization
Engaging key department assistance
Seeking necessary financial assistance
Developing responsible youth action
Installing local health services
Obtaining necessary government assistance
Extending effective legal assistance
Supplying citizen advisory assistance
Enlisting external expert assistance
Eliciting outside technical assistance
Supplying effective business assistance
Requiring organizational assistance
Providing legal assistance
Providing legal assistance for foreigners
Providing food aid
Providing post-riot assistance
Questioning dependency on social assistance
Treating torture victims
Air conditioning offices
Assisting victims of crimes
Depending on food aid
Providing assistance for foot diseases and disabilities
Providing international assistance
Reducing delay in supply of agreed multilateral assistance
Delaying multilateral assistance
Providing assistance
Improving assistance to victims of human rights violations
Providing inadequate assistance to victims of human rights violations
Providing external assistance
Coordinating development aid programmes
Limiting country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Organizing technical assistance
Promoting interchange of technical assistance
Seeking assistance
Materializing assistance
Relieving development assistance debt
Providing volunteer assistance for prisoners
Providing professional assistance
Directing assistance
Providing general assistance
Granting assistance
Coordinating assistance
Educating assistance
Providing direct assistance
Providing comprehensive financial assistance
Researching advisory assistance
Limiting assistance
Providing material assistance
Studying technical assistance
Giving entrepreneurial assistance
Providing technical assistance for development
Funding technical assistance
Improving therapeutic assistance
Assisting training management assistance
Providing technical assistance
Coordinating technical assistance
Preventing collisions
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values