human value


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Related Problems:
Human death
Death of God
Government sanctioned killing
Fear of death
Capital punishment
Death threats
Endangered cultures
Violent deaths
Tolerated atrocities
Chronic boredom
Death wish
Decrease in mortality rate
Dying intestate
Endangered unwritten languages
Maternal mortality
Death of plants
End of nature
Ritual pollution
Forest decline
Engineered death
Death of the soul
Dying a bad death
Death by execution
Mind-induced death
Motivational death
Infant mortality
Broken heart syndrome
Human denial of death
Indeterminacy of death
Dehumanization of death
Abandonment of the dying
Preventable child deaths
Denial of a proper death
Cultural suicide
Killing sanctioned by religion
Death of living creatures
Unwillingness to risk loss of life
Sudden unexpected infant death
Morbid preoccupation with death
Unequal regional distribution of deaths
Uncertainty of death of missing persons
Excessive prolongation of the dying process
Sanctions against trade union workers
Dying unshriven
Denial to animals of the right to a natural death
Foetal infection
Poisonous fungi
Bride burning
Prison deaths
Prohibitive death duties
Execution of young offenders
Failure to notify the imprisonment or death in prison of foreign nationals
Animal deaths
Sudden death syndrome of feeder cattle
Irreversible coma
Social structure of sin
Video violence
Video violence
Extermination of street delinquents
Animal road deaths
Induced abortion
Bereaved children
Assassination of trade union leaders
Unmanageable cost of dying
Pedestrian accidents
Sudden death
Threatened species of Agabus rumppi
Anaesthetic death
Violent death of young people
Harassment of the judiciary
Death threats to abortion clinics
Sea-bird deaths
Natural human abortion
Lack of protection for victims of intimidation
Death from fear
Prenatal wrongful death
Civilian casualties of war
Planned obsolescence
Death and disability from inhumane confinement
Humanizing dying
Reducing expense of dying
Reducing measles deaths
Reducing incidence of childhood diarrhoea
Safeguarding rights of those faced with the death penalty
Writing a will
Reducing maternal mortality rates
Donating body to science
Valuing near-death experiences
Dying strategically
Providing access to treatment for acute respiratory infections
Assisting families of the dying
Arranging animal funerals
Reclaiming birth and death
Developing dyes
Providing hospice care
Developing cure for AIDS
Choosing to viaticate
Preventing injuries to children
Exercising conscientious objection to causing death
Commemorating death
Rehabilitating degraded land
Imposing capital punishment
Relaxing morbid preoccupation with death
Monitoring routine deaths
Making death threats
Reducing incidence of death threats
Using anticipation of death as torture
Using anticipation of death as torture
Dying shriven
Reducing incidence of violent deaths
Dying a bad death
Fearing death
Causing violent deaths
Boring to death
Dying intestate
Denying death
Determining cause of death
Reducing antenatal foetal death
Abandoning the dying
Preventing child deaths
Ensuring a proper death
Sentencing to death
Risking death
Researching sudden unexpected infant death
Studying death
Documenting regional distribution of deaths
Abolishing death penalty
Choosing violent death
Increasing death rate
Recording dying languages
Denying rights of those punished with death penalty
Conserving endangered cultures
Conserving endangered languages
Prolonging the dying process
Inducing death
Reducing regional inequality of distribution of deaths
Abstaining from deathing awareness
Lowering death rate
Providing evidence of death of missing persons
Experiencing near death
Reducing road accident deaths and injuries
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values