Reducing road accident deaths and injuries

Improving road transport safety
Increasing the safety of transport and reducing the health consequences of accidents need to be given high priority.
It has been estimated that preventing one road death would save 1 million ECU.

Not wearing a helmet is a factor in more than half of motor cycle fatalities. Additionally, more than half of the deaths involved speeding.

In 1997, the EU launched a new policy aimed at reducing the number of road deaths in the EU from 45,000 to 25,000 by the year 2010. The ten-point plan comprises: 1. reduce speed; 2. tackle alcohol and drug abuse; 3. design safer cars; 4. design safer roads; 5. enforce safety belt use; 6. improve driver training; 7. change driver behaviour; 8. improve first aid for victims; 9. introduce daytime headlights; 10. promote discussion of road safety.
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