human value


Including basic chemical safety guidelines in primary school curricula
Promoting safety for older people at home
Researching tourism and road safety
Professionalizing road safety management
Researching food safety
Promoting safe motherhood
Researching cross-cultural differences in road safety
Setting safety standards for sea travel
Setting safety standards
Setting safety standards for air travel
Promoting road safety
Protecting refugees
Promoting public safety
Researching road safety
Increasing institutional capability of developing countries on biotechnology safety
Developing guidelines on safety procedures for biotechnology
Adapting safety procedures to specific national needs
Safeguarding employee safety
Regulating safety at sea
Supporting regional transfer of chemical safety information
Strengthening national laws on chemical safety
Strengthening safety procedures in the areas of risk assessment
Applying ethical considerations during biotechnology transfer
Providing social safety nets
Convening regional meetings on international cooperation in bio-safety
Improving forecasts for safety of maritime operations
Advising about bio-safety
Undertaking training programmes on applying international safety guidelines
Practicing industrial safety
Training workers on environmental safety, health and welfare
Providing public information on chemical safety
Developing international agreements on nuclear safety
Establishing a national coordinating mechanism on chemical safety programmes
Assessing impact of environmental training programmes on productivity, health, safety and environment
Undertaking multidisciplinary approach to chemical safety
Adopting safety standards for hazardous waste management
Training about chemical safety
Expanding tripartite cooperation to improve safety, health and environment
Preparing guidelines for enacting legislation on chemical safety
Giving priority to training on safety procedures
Promoting good practice in health, environment and safety management
Improving information systems for safety control
Developing emergency communications systems
Communicating safety information
Ensuring safety
Preventing injuries to children
Assuring safety of children
Addressing year 2000 problem for chemical safety
Strengthening safety procedures
Expanding chemical safety research programmes at the local level
Translating international chemical safety reports into local languages
Ensuring community safety
Maintaining water safety consciousness
Initiating citizen safety measures
Requiring necessary safety competence
Reinstituting school safety patrols
Regulating worker safety
Enabling pedestrians' safety
Developing home safety measures
Demanding public protection against crime
Standardizing product safety
Developing street safety schemes
Enforcing civil safety measures
Suppressing safety records
Threatening aircraft safety
Threatening public safety
Reducing threat of birds to aircraft safety
Disclosing threats to public safety
Inspecting safety of buildings
Ensuring building safety
Falsifying safety maintenance records
Uncovering falsification of safety maintenance records
Requiring safety tests
Promoting safety standards
Improving consumer safety
Assuring safe blood supplies
Reducing road accident deaths and injuries
Promoting aviation safety
Improving safety
Promoting safety
Establishing nuclear safety standards
Improving health and safety
Improving maritime safety
Improving road safety
Establishing uniform nomenclature for fire equipment
Developing nuclear operational safety
Assuring passenger safety
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values