human value


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Related Problems:
Air accidents
Mine disasters
Injurious accidents
Firearm accidents
Railway accidents
Childhood accidents
Radiation accidents
Transport accidents
Unreported accidents
Pedestrian accidents
Disastrous accidents
Work-related injury
Road traffic accidents
Nuclear reactor accidents
Accidents caused by fires
Irresponsible genetic manipulation
Unreported disasters
Military aircraft accidents
Accidental military incidents
Large-scale industrial accidents
Accidents to agricultural workers
Accidents to nuclear weapons systems
Risk of unintentional nuclear war due to accidents
Accidental large-scale contamination of the environment
Occupational domestic accidents
Accidents of animals
Surgical mistakes
Accidents caused by neglect
Accidental poisoning by systemic agents
Ante-partum haemorrhage
Accidental falls
Accidents from falling objects
Accidental weed creation by genetic engineering
Cerebrovascular accidents
Accidental poisoning by haematologic agents
Serum sickness
Accidental poisoning by analgesics
Inadequate assistance to victims of accidents
Sports accidents
Uncontrolled descent of orbiting objects
School accidents
Toxic substances in the home
Mountaineering accidents
Accidental poisoning by diuretic drugs
Accidents involving astronauts
Marine accidents
Accidental poisonings
Nuclear accidents in space
Accidental poisoning by local anaesthetic
Electric current accidents
Accidental poisoning by psychotherapeutic drugs
Accidental poisoning by hormones
Driving delinquency
Injurious explosions
Accidental poisoning by musculoskeletal drugs
Accidental poisoning by cardiovascular drugs
Iatrogenic disease
Unsafe roads for children
Accidental poisoning by autonomic nervous system drugs
Sanitation system accidents
Accident proneness
Fireworks as a hazard
Accidental poisoning by antibiotics
Injury due to contact with objects
Accidental poisoning by sedative medicines
Accidental poisoning by central nervous system drugs
Accidental poisoning by gastro-intestinal drugs
Risks of immunization
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values