human value


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Related Problems:
Deliberate governmental avoidance of legislative reform
Law enforcement complexity
Legalized racial discrimination
Inaccessibility of justice
Injustice of military tribunals
Suspension of rights during states of emergency
Lack of enforcement power
Inadequate national supervision of adherence to international law
Incompetence under law
Mother-in-law taboo
Violations of private law
Martial law
Internationally wrongful acts by government
Miscarriage of justice
Discrimination against men before the law
Police corruption
Violations of contract law
Excessive cost of effective prosecution of offenders
Deficiencies in international law
Government seizure of foreign nationals in foreign countries
Denial of natural law by human laws
Exploitation of regulatory loopholes in countries with underdeveloped legislation
Abuse of law
Discrimination against women before the law
Deficient company legislation
Conflicts of national law in relation to international transactions
Conflict of laws
Inadequate international law enforcement
Natural law thinking of marketers
Desertion in marriage law
Ignorance of the law
Denial of human rights in the administration of justice
Road traffic violations
Separation under marriage law
Male bias of law
Conflicting labour laws among countries
Legalized discrimination
Denial of right to minimum work age
Limitations of monogamy
Banking law violations
Arbitrary enforcement of regulations
Misuse of the law
Insufficient environmental legislation
Evasion of the law
Denial of right to recognition as a person before the law
Inadequate evidence to convict known offenders
Avoidance of legal obligations by politicians
Inadequate laws
Inadequate law enforcement
Discriminatory religious influence on the law
Alienating judicial procedures
Researching legal aspects of biodiversity protection
Enforcing international law
Regulating use of oceans
Reviewing personal status laws
Ensuring compatibility of environmental and trade law
Establishing comprehensive environmental law system
Developing international trade law
Coordinating tourism legislation
Developing international human rights law
Strengthening trade law
Strengthening trade law
Developing environmental law databases
Implementing code of conduct for law enforcement officials
Strengthening mechanisms for securing compliance with the law
Using environmental law
Requiring adherence to law
Harmonizing national law and policy
Improving training on sustainable development law
Standardizing law
Assisting developing countries to build up expertise in international sustainable development law
Implementing international law of the sea on straddling and highly migratory fish stocks
Developing international environmental law
Developing implementation mechanisms for international law on sustainable development
Calling for drug law reform
Conserving marine living resources in accordance with international law
Apply international provisions to fish populations on the high seas
Reviewing priorities for future law making on sustainable development
Informing young people about the law
Researching legal aspects of business
Studying military law
Advancing legal science
Providing legal advice for consumers
Expanding use of information technology for law
Helping children in conflict with law
Developing international penal law
Organizing international law advisory bodies
Organizing institute of space law
Promoting international law
Implementing refugee law
Researching and development of administrative law and practice
Standardizing private law
Implementing immigration law
Upholding law of society
Contracting visible law enforcement
Enforcing procedural rules of law
Enabling procedural alternatives in judicial process
Restoring rights of released prisoners
Providing rehabilitation structures for law-breakers
Empowering customary articulations of the law
Suspending privileges of law-breakers
Preserving propriety image of common law
Applying appropriate law
Preserving foundational necessity of common law
Establishing international legal order
Applying legal fines for criminal offences
Upholding common acceptance of conferred legal powers
Providing legal recognition of minority opinion
Providing law enforcement structure
Informing about public apprehension of criminals
Creating antagonism through social enforcement
Providing grounding for maintenance of social acceptable behaviour
Calling for re-evaluation of law
Demanding tightening of law enforcement during crises
Authenticating application of law
Creating public mood for domestic stability
Articulating law
Enshrining law
Applying civil pressure for law making
Providing criminal law enforcement
Recognizing common law
Enforcing laws
Law breaking
Accepting dharma
Standardizing international penal law
Neglecting law and order
Neglecting the law
Complying with international humanitarian law
Acting outside the law
Separating under marriage law
Holding mother-in-law taboo
Transgressing the law
Prosecuting civil law transgressions
Abolishing unethical practices by police forces
Abiding by private law
Exposing violations of private law
Discriminating before the law
Circumventing the law
Simplifying law enforcement
Preserving law and order
Reducing discrimination against women before the law
Reducing discriminatory religious influence on the law
Disobeying the law
Adhering to international law
Disrespecting international law
Using elitist justice
Ignoring the law
Adjudicating on law relating to international transactions
Evading the law
Exploiting fallibility of law
Preventing fallibility of law
Hindering law enforcement
Trying illegally
Detaining illegally
Trading in art outside the law
Enforcing the law illegally
Protecting those not recognized by the law
Improving laws
Improving procedure of courts of law
Coping with inadequate development of international criminal law
Reducing inequality of access to the law
Reducing inequality before the law
Claiming intimidation by courts of law
Manipulating interpretation of the law
Interpreting the law
Prosecuting political misconduct
Harmonizing international law
Progressing law
Establishing world law
Practicing law
Introducing modernized industrial legislation
Developing food law
Promoting harmonious international law
Studying labour law
Fostering reasonable law enforcement
Training law teachers
Advancing insurance law
Harmonizing internal systems of law
Improving drug law enforcement
Studying chinese law
Developing national law
Breaching humanitarian law
Violating international law
Studying muslim law
Harmonizing criminal law
Networking environmental lawyers
Studying parliamentary law
Advertising law
Coordinating law systems
Improving administrative law
Studying criminal law
Developing international medical law
Studying comparative law
Systemizing law
Harmonizing company law
Developing computer law
Standardizing international traffic law
Studying ancient law
Adopting uniform private law legislation
Studying philosophy of law
Harmonizing international trade law
Studying law
Implementing the law
Studying environmental law
Developing environmental law
Improving international transport law
Disseminating international humanitarian law
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values