human value


Increasing crop diversity
Conserving global marine biological diversity
Conserving global biodiversity
Conserving tropical biological diversity
Preserving ecological diversity
Conserving landscape diversity
Preserving cultural diversity
Preserving ethnic diversity
Preparing country biodiversity strategies
Preparing country biodiversity strategies
Encouraging on-site conservation of biodiversity
Increasing trained personnel for conserving biological diversity
Developing methods for conserving biological diversity
Enriching cultivated plant's genetic diversity with wild relatives
Strengthening institutions for conserving biological diversity
Tolerating political diversity
Building capacity for conserving biological diversity
Supporting conservation of biological diversity on private lands
Assessing likely impact on biological diversity of proposed policies
Conducting tropical forest and biological diversity studies
Expanding use of biotechnology to conserve biological diversity
Improving action plans for conserving biological diversity
Identifying national priorities for conservation of biological diversity
Building unity from diversity
Valuing diversity
Reducing global linguistic attrition
Employing diversity planting
Restoring biodiversity in agriculture
Studying biodiversity
Using multi-modal transport
Preserving traditional rights to natural resources
Providing incentives for biodiversity conservation
Restoring biodiversity
Developing corporate biodiversity strategies
Establishing biodiversity funds
Promoting sustainable use of forest biodiversity
Providing financial incentives for biodiversity conservation
Tolerating religious diversity
Enhancing ethnic tradition appreciation
Enhancing diversity
Specifying type of production process
Providing diversity of defence mechanisms
Increasing technological diversity
Increasing species diversity of rainforests
Reducing technological diversity
Decreasing ecological diversity
Increasing genetic diversity of fish
Preserving genetic diversity of animals
Preserving diversity of biological species
Preserving genetic diversity in cultivated plants
Decreasing genetic diversity of fish
Decreasing genetic diversity of animals
Decreasing diversity of biological species
Decreasing genetic diversity in cultivated plants
Preserving genetic diversity
Ensuring bureaucratic recognition of ethnic difference
Conserving endangered species of farm animals
Increasing genetic erosion
Providing sufficient diversity
Doing without adequate diversity
Limiting number of local decision-making bodies
Increasing access to local decision-making bodies
Using genetic diversity
Studying microbial diversity
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values