human value


Promoting safety for older people at home
Promoting home-schooling
Working from home
Supporting women working in the home
Promoting home ownership
Cultivating home gardens
Choosing to die at home
Making home-made environmentally friendly household products
Conserving resources in the home
Educating home-owners to use renewable energy
Conserving energy in the household
Encouraging self-building of houses
Ensuring comprehensive home care
Allowing easy home shopping
Educating quality home builders
Teaching basic home remedies
Building home delivery network
Developing home power supply
Encouraging home electrical usage
Supplying home purchasing assistance
Improving home economics abilities
Beautifying local home sites
Establishing needed home care
Renting home repair tools
Fostering home organizational techniques
Conserving available home heat
Offering competent in-home attention
Ensuring domicile sanctity
Encouraging home investment schemes
Procuring interior home equipment
Acquiring home construction funding
Developing home safety measures
Establishing home postal exchange
Ensuring home health requirements
Encouraging home beautification
Encouraging ongoing home care
Providing complete home service
Applying home maintenance skills
Sharing emergency home techniques
Initiating home manufacturing ventures
Providing immediate home aid
Offering home arts classes
Scheduling regular home visits
Teaching complete home management
Enabling home ownership
Coordinating profitable home industries
Enhancing domestic environment
Studying household pests
Destroying household pests
Improving construction of dwellings
Relocating home
Assisting underprivileged home environment
Watching home videos
Separating home and workplace
Being homeless
Devaluing home
Valuing home
Improving advantages of home-working employees
Reducing economic discrimination against workers at home
Forcing repatriation
Having a holiday home
Providing home doctor service
Stabilizing family life
Improving home water efficiency
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values