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A decade ago in the USA, homeschooling was thought of as individual families dropping out of the state school system. At first, a number of newsletters grew up to serve homeschoolers. Then associations formed so homeschoolers could meet with one another. From that some legal groups formed to protect the rights and promote legislation on homeschooling. Now a wave of homeschooling services are growing to provide curricula, books, equipment, software, and diplomas for homeschoolers. Some public school systems, mostly in California, have established public school programmes for home schoolers, thus establishing homeschooling as a legitimate form of public education and enabling the public system to receive state per-pupil funds to be used to assist with curriculum design and provide use of facilities. And on the brink of being noticed are "Community Life-long Learning Centers," which are replacing schools in some areas. For the future we can envision a whole new learning system without schools.

In Kerala, India learning is considered the right of the child with the guidance of the parent. Parents band together to provide learning opportunities for all children in the neighbourhood through the Parent-Child school. They are encouraged to use all facilities of the community in the learning process.

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