Making home-made environmentally friendly household products

Everyday substances used in the household can contribute significantly to environmental pollution and degradation. For instance, the majority of commercial polishes contain poisonous solvents that emit vapors. Apart from buying environmentally friendly commercial products (free of toxins), another way to reduce or eliminate toxins released into the environment by household activities is to create home-made environmentally-friendly products.
Most of one's household cleaning needs can be met with six ingredients: vinegar, soap, baking soda, washing soda, borax, ammonia. Various foods, spices, and drinks may be very useful too, including among others: lemon juice; salt; alcohol; flour; wine; milk; egg; cornstarch and cornmeal, mineral oil. Various combinations of these substances may accomplish most household cleaning jobs such as cleaning carpets, ovens, drains, tiles, and washing clothes, cheaply and safely. For instance, a home-made mild mixture all-purpose cleaner can be made by mixing four litres of hot water, 50 ml sudsy ammonia, 50 ml vinegar, and 115 ml baking soda. The solution is safe for all surfaces, and can be rinsed with water. For a stronger cleaner or wax-stripper, double the amounts. Use gloves and do not mix with other compounds, especially chlorine bleach. Do not consume.
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