Publicizing negative effects of family planning education

Informing about sex education disadvantages
Of all the "reforms" achieved by the Family Planning Association and its network, the most insidious has surely been the removal of parental duties and responsibilities in regard to sex education and in regard to the provision of contraceptives to under age children. In many sex education books and programmes, homosexuality is included as another fact of life, as a normal and natural activity. Facts about the medically established link between early sexual intercourse or sex with multiple partners and cancer of the cervix are glossed over. So are the side effects of the Pill and abortion, whilst VD is presented as one more fact of life which can be easily treated provided medical attention is sought in the early stages. The sexual awareness being promoted sows confusion in the child's mind about the concept of "right and wrong" and presents only one moral absolute: the use of contraceptives every time you have sex. Lying darkly and deeply underneath the persuasive contraceptive propaganda fed to children is a sinister attitude towards birth and the misery of the "unwanted child" is stressed.
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