human value


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Related Problems:
Harmful thought
Negative environment
Personal life crises
Contempt for democratic processes
Negative effect of glamour
Compounding effect of treating genetic diseases
Negative effects of rejection
Political smear campaigns
Inadequate negative capability
Avoidance of negative feedback
Ineffectiveness of foreign aid
Negative influence of peer groups
Differential labour costs among countries
Negative effects of family allowances
Negative social effects of automation
Negative effects of the nuclear family
Dependence within extended families
Promotion of negative images of opponents
Proliferation of second homes
Religious discrimination
Negative ecological impact of overpopulation
Negative economic repercussions of disarmament
Unsanitary and inhumane food animal conditions
Social hardships of economic reform
Disguised negative consequences of remedial action
Negative effects of claims of religious infallibility
Net outflow of capital from countries
Negative personal relationships between leaders of countries
Negative personal relationships between leaders of countries
Negative effects of maternity
Dehumanizing working conditions
Calculated delays in releasing controversial news items
Perverse environmental subsidies
Negative equity
Harmful carbon dioxide impact on agriculture
Negative effects of gastronomic fashions
Negative inflation
Negative stereotyping of majority world
Adverse environmental consequences of depressed agricultural prices
Adverse environmental consequences of depressed agricultural prices
Negative identifying slogans
Limited paramedic training
Bad impression
Negative effects of relative wage rates on youth employment
Biased portrayal of women in mass media
Discrimination against people of abnormal size
Countering exploitation of women's image
Publicizing negative effects of family planning education
Working with blocks
Discouraging behaviours carrying negative externalities
Neutralizing negative effects
Ameliorating negative consequences of economic globalization
Affirming positive
Giving negative examples
Changing prevailing negative attitudes
Identifying attitudinal obstacles to practical education
Reframing negative responses
Minimizing negative impact of technological development on donor governments
Campaigning against of supermarkets
Overcoming negative effects of rejection
Relieving stress in human beings
Relieving stressful life experiences
Using negative emotions and attitudes
Protecting children from negative television influence
Researching negative effects of communications media
Tolerating uncertainty
Criticizing monolithic architecture of high-rise buildings
Creating positive environment
Avoiding negative feedback
Affirming positive effects of the extended family
Promoting negative images of opponents
Affirming positive economic repercussions of disarmament
Denying negative effects of intensive animal husbandry
Exposing negative net transfer of financial resources from countries
Exposing effective negative loans from development banks to developing countries
Neutralizing negative election campaigning
Neutralizing negative environmental effects of foreign aid
Neutralizing negative influence of peer groups
Neutralizing negative impact of cross-border trade
Neutralizing negative effects of family allowances
Neutralizing negative social effects of automation
Neutralizing negative effects of the nuclear family
Reducing pornography
Neutralizing negative social impacts of economic restructuring
Neutralizing negative personal relationships among national leaders
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values