Proving new methods
Practising solidarity
Demonstrating outrage
Practicing celibacy
Motivating cooperation
Demonstrating in public
Demonstrating local care
Demonstrating fusion power
Demonstrating alternatives
Demonstrating intentionally
Increasing amount of housing
Demonstrating social tactics
Affirming unity of humankind
Creating demonstrating model
Demonstrating new food types
Proclaiming community history
Demonstrating actional styles
Demonstrating corporate power
Documenting population trends
Demonstrating modern equipment
Demonstrating community service
Propelling new images of wealth
Protesting environmental issues
Demonstrating evaluative methods
Demonstrating signal involvement
Demonstrating vocational passion
Demonstrating local craft skills
Demonstrating creative space use
Demonstrating importance of style
Demonstrating role accountability
Demonstrating local possibilities
Demonstrating world welfare needs
Demonstrating small scale farming
Demonstrating viable new harvests
Training early education teachers
Developing animal husbandry skill
Performing corporate citizen tasks
Demonstrating educational patterns
Demonstrating community resurgence
Demonstrating external life styles
Demonstrating new production units
Introducing new surgical techniques
Improving construction of dwellings
Demonstrating child care curriculum
Demonstrating modern work practices
Demonstrating special work projects
Demonstrating servanthood engagement
Demonstrating local residents talent
Demonstrating quick cash opportunity
Minimizing needed capital investment
Demonstrating modern farm technology
Demonstrating vocational significance
Demonstrating community corporateness
Demonstrating fullness of life cycles
Demonstrating alternative energy uses
Demonstrating local farming expertise
Demonstrating corporate group success
Demonstrating profitable resource use
Demonstrating concern for the disabled
Demonstrating utilization of surpluses
Demonstrating child raising techniques
Demonstrating machine equipment repair
Demonstrating new agricultural methods
Demonstrating various capital patterns
Improving access to development capital
Demonstrating need for ordered language
Demonstrating community investment plan
Demonstrating low-cost feasible designs
Demonstrating practical finance systems
Demonstrating basic preventive measures
Demonstrating supplemental fishing means
Demonstrating appropriate common methods
Demonstrating deliberative systems locally
Demonstrating basic agriculture techniques
Demonstrating alternative building designs
Demonstrating absurdity through contingency
Demonstrating beneficial marine development
Demonstrating various profitable techniques
Demonstrating sound environmental management
Demonstrating corporate response possibility
Describing interrelationships between problems
Demonstrating adequate rural community dwellings
Demonstrating adequate rural community dwellings
Demonstrating practical implementation of corporate decisions
Demonstrating benefits of integrated pest management in agriculture
Demonstrating restrictive effects of external capital on development
Carrying out pilot projects to demonstrate waste minimization practices and technologies
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies