Demonstrating educational patterns

Retooling the teachers in new methodologies to enable them to cope with new curricula which in turn will teach the people how to historically ground their decision.
An integral part of grounding decisions historically to give a temporal and world-wide framework for the individual's decisional relationships to life.
Tactics include: curriculum creation to ground the teacher in the basic intent of the curriculum by training in curriculum writing; historical vocation to relate the teacher's occupation to the total sociality of a particular society by reviewing the past and present role of education in the social process and projecting its needs for the future; imaginal theory to ground basic understanding of the way images are created through training imaginal education theory and practices; continual training to evaluate teaching skills and project the new developments based on the needs of the times, staff and pupils by establishing regular evaluation and training by the corporate staff; and exemplifying pedagogue to illustrate the comprehensive, futuric and disciplined life style of a teacher. An example is a weekly pupil evaluation by the total staff.
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