Creating American Union

Promoting close links between North and South America
Creating community of the Americas
Organization for Higher Education (1100034529)
Federation of Insurance Companies (1100059469)
Association of Broadcasting (1100026453)
Association of Intellectual Property (1100016514)
Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences (1100060358)
Bar Association (1100060359)
Conference on Social Security (1100055107)
Council of Commerce and Production (1100039853)
Confederation of Public Relations (1100057401)
Press Association (1100014186)
Safety Council (1100011474)
Society of Cardiology (1100027634)
Society of Psychology (1100026879)
Textile, Garment, Leather and Shoe Workers' Federation - Regional Inter-American Organization (1100014181)
Tropical Tuna Commission (1100011476)
Housing Union (1100003249)
Legal Services Association (1100060734)
Society of Hypertension (1100060812)
f American States (1100049991)
Confederation of Cattlemen (1100030825)
Council on Physics Education (1100021187)
Catholic Education Association (1100058745)
Confederation of Chemical Engineering (1100001879)
Society of Writers (1100025526)
Hotel Association (1100011619)
Accounting Association (1100023618)
International Association (1100057196)
Association of Public Prosecution (1100004490)
Society of Tropical Horticulture (1100066900)
Council on Indigenous Spirituality (1100033849)
University Council for Economic and Social Development (1100035486)
Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Books, Documents and Photographic Material (1100001924)
Children's Institute (1100066318)
Commercial Arbitration Commission (1100004109)
Defense Board (1100012890)
Indian Institute (1100027558)
Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (1100032740)
Music Council (1100001425)
Statistical Institute (1100042471)
tion of the Inter-American School of Librarianship (1100067679)
Centre for Studies on Water Resources (1100038953)
Cement Federation (1100024278)
Centre for Tax Administrations (1100020603)
Institute for Global Change Research (1100051230)
Council for Integral Development (1100009838)
Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development (1100053480)
Juridical Committee (1100065370)
Committee on Ports (1100066946)
Agency for Cooperation and Development (1100047286)
Cooperative Institute (1100000622)
Institute of Ecology (1100042275)
Copyright Institute (1100005494)
Subregional Center for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage (1100017312)
Center for Instrumental Studies (1100024601)
Musical Education Institute (1100054141)
Center for Research and Studies in Educational Planning (1100040861)
Commission on Human Rights (1100039069)
Center for Social Security Studies (1100067502)
College of Physicians and Surgeons (1100034557)
Bar Foundation (1100060468)
Investment Corporation (1100049696)
Committee on Mathematics Education (1100047661)
Development Bank (1100040548)
Conference of Ministers of Labor (1100003068)
Foundation (1100011784)
Citrus Network (1100011403)
School of Public Administration (1100031865)
Development Bank Administrative Tribunal (1100054183)
Heart Foundation (1100044551)
Network Agriculture and Democracy (1100014258)
Water Resources Network (1100028320)
Freight Conference (1100063724)
Consortium on Agroecology and Sustainable Development (1100067994)
Biodiversity Information Network (1100007360)
College of Radiology (1100009291)
Foundation for Tropical Research, Guatemala (1100013413)
Defense College (1100038271)
Savings and Loan Bank (1100039597)
Information System for Agricultural Science (1100050026)
Inter-American Library (1100004519)
Court of Human Rights (1100011235)
ty (1100035475)
nter-American Observatory (1100064323)
Research Associates (1100025895)
University of Puerto Rico (1100055218)
Center of Investigation and Documentation (1100052924)
teramericana de Costa Rica and Panama (1100036679)
Air Forces Academy (1100032463)
Interamericana para el Desarrollo de Base (1100064869)
ifico-Filosófica Interamericana, Chile (1100051820)
convention to combat money laundering (1100032029)
Press Association Press Institute (1100022355)
Board of Agriculture (1100049433)
cana de Información sobre Culturas de Tradición Oral (1100042252)
Confederation of the ILSMH (1100056438)
cnico Interamericano de Cooperación Agricola (1100026011)
ctoral Promotion and Assistance (1100047581)
Experimental Agricultural Institute (1100042020)
teramericana de Educación a Distancia, Panama (1100043065)
ericano en Investigaciones Psicológicas (1100026363)
University Simon Bolivar (1100057000)
convention on electrical communications (1100038366)
tion of Inter-American conciliation (1100022388)
of Inter-American arbitration (1100046908)
American convention for trade mark and commercial protection (1100061339)
e Inter-American registration of trade marks (1100061340)
tocol to the General convention of Inter-American conciliation of 1929 (1100017201)
treaty on good offices and mediation (1100050482)
the promotion of Inter-American cultural relations, 1936 (1100024702)
radiocommunications convention, 1937 (1100036541)
arrangement concerning radiocommunications, 1937 (1100035507)
radio agreement, 1940 (1100044482)
treaty of reciprocal assistance (1100013412)
convention on human rights (1100015272)
convention to prevent and punish torture (1100049388)
amateur radio service convention (1100016757)
convention to facilitate disaster assistance (1100005265)
convention on mutual assistance in criminal matters (1100062867)
convention on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women (1100053692)
Federation of Advertising Colleges (1100008144)
ofessionnelle interaméricaine de réforme agraire (1100050669)
ramericano de Unión Económica (1100054617)
mericana de Educación Democratica (1100024707)
éricain d'éducation rurale (1100041749)
ramericano de Derecho P√ɬļblico y Ciencias (1100035142)
ramericano de Defensa Social (1100000184)
ramericano de Investigaciones Espaciales (1100056720)
ericano de Transportes (1100012079)
Committee for Human and Trade Union Rights (1100042042)
Productivity Association (1100003884)
Federation of Cotton (1100057621)
mericana de Ballet, Caballito (1100063242)
ericano de Edificiencia Profesional (1100017358)
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities