Creating American Union

Promoting close links between North and South America
Creating community of the Americas
Inter-American Organization for Higher Education
Inter-American Federation of Insurance Companies
International Association of Broadcasting
Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property
Inter-American Association of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Sciences
Inter-American Bar Association
Inter-American Conference on Social Security
Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production
Inter-American Confederation of Public Relations
Inter American Press Association
Inter-American Safety Council
Inter-American Society of Cardiology
Inter-American Society of Psychology
International Textile, Garment, Leather and Shoe Workers' Federation - Regional Inter-American Organization
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
Inter-American Housing Union
Inter-American Legal Services Association
Inter-American Society of Hypertension
Organization of American States
Inter-American Confederation of Cattlemen
Inter-American Council on Physics Education
Inter-American Catholic Education Association
Inter-American Confederation of Chemical Engineering
Inter-American Society of Writers
Inter-American Hotel Association
Inter-American Accounting Association
Public Budget International Association
Inter-American Association of Public Prosecution
Inter-American Society of Tropical Horticulture
Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality
Inter-American University Council for Economic and Social Development
Inter-American Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Books, Documents and Photographic Material
Inter-American Children's Institute
Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission
Inter-American Defense Board
Inter-American Indian Institute
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
Inter-American Music Council
Inter-American Statistical Institute
Alumni Association of the Inter-American School of Librarianship
Inter-American Centre for Studies on Water Resources
Inter-American Cement Federation
Inter-American Centre for Tax Administrations
Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research
Inter-American Council for Integral Development
Inter-American Institute on Disability and Inclusive Development
Inter-American Juridical Committee
Inter-American Committee on Ports
Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development
Inter-American Cooperative Institute
Inter-American Institute of Ecology
Inter-American Copyright Institute
Inter-American Subregional Center for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage
Inter-American Center for Instrumental Studies
Inter-American Musical Education Institute
Inter-American Center for Research and Studies in Educational Planning
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Inter-American Center for Social Security Studies
Inter-American College of Physicians and Surgeons
Inter-American Bar Foundation
Inter-American Investment Corporation
Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education
Inter-American Development Bank
Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor
Inter-American Foundation
Inter-American Citrus Network
Inter-American School of Public Administration
Inter-American Development Bank Administrative Tribunal
Inter-American Heart Foundation
Inter-American Network Agriculture and Democracy
Inter-American Water Resources Network
Inter-American Freight Conference
Inter-American Consortium on Agroecology and Sustainable Development
Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network
Inter-American College of Radiology
Inter-American Foundation for Tropical Research, Guatemala
Inter-American Defense College
Inter-American Savings and Loan Bank
Inter-American Information System for Agricultural Science
Simon Bolivar Inter-American Library
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Americas Society
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
Inter-America Research Associates
Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
Inter-American Center of Investigation and Documentation
Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica and Panama
Inter-American Air Forces Academy
Corporación Interamericana para el Desarrollo de Base
Sociedad Cientifico-Filosófica Interamericana, Chile
Inter-American convention to combat money laundering
Inter-American Press Association Press Institute
Inter-American Board of Agriculture
Red Interamericana de Información sobre Culturas de Tradición Oral
Inter-American Confederation of the ILSMH
Servicio Técnico Interamericano de Cooperación Agricola
Centre for Electoral Promotion and Assistance
Inter-American Experimental Agricultural Institute
Universidad Interamericana de Educación a Distancia, Panama
Centro Interamericano en Investigaciones Psicológicas
Inter-American University Simon Bolivar
Inter-American convention on electrical communications
General convention of Inter-American conciliation
General treaty of Inter-American arbitration
General Inter-American convention for trade mark and commercial protection
Protocol on the Inter-American registration of trade marks
Additional protocol to the General convention of Inter-American conciliation of 1929
Inter-American treaty on good offices and mediation
Convention for the promotion of Inter-American cultural relations, 1936
Inter-American radiocommunications convention, 1937
Inter-American arrangement concerning radiocommunications, 1937
Inter-American radio agreement, 1940
Inter-American treaty of reciprocal assistance
Inter-American convention on human rights
Inter-American convention to prevent and punish torture
Inter-American amateur radio service convention
Inter-American convention to facilitate disaster assistance
Inter-American convention on mutual assistance in criminal matters
Inter-American convention on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women
Inter-American Federation of Advertising Colleges
Association professionnelle interaméricaine de réforme agraire
Instituto Interamericano de Unión Económica
Escuela Interamericana de Educación Democratica
Centre interaméricain d'éducation rurale
Instituto Interamericano de Derecho Público y Ciencias
Instituto Interamericano de Defensa Social
Comité Interamericano de Investigaciones Espaciales
Centro Interamericano de Transportes
Inter-American Committee for Human and Trade Union Rights
Inter-American Productivity Association
Inter-American Federation of Cotton
Escuela Interamericana de Ballet, Caballito
Centro Interamericano de Edificiencia Profesional
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities